Delightfully ridiculous positioning solution for VRidge

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Delightfully ridiculous positioning solution for VRidge

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(Sorry for double posting, but I have realized it would fit better here.)

Unfortunately, I have realized that VRidge + my phone do not allow me to play some VR games, as I cannot even slightly move around. I have added freetrack positioning to my Hydra sticks, but it killed all the immersion completely...

I have read up on other alternatives, some definitely look promising, but it might take a while... so I have come up with another solution. Note that it is intended specifically for the very desperate or for the very stingy!

I have obtained for a ridiculously low price a controller named GameTrak ( ... 860045210/), which is a construction based on a clothing line dispenser (and it shows!). The thing is that the controller supports 3D positioning and has surprisingly large area of response (but you do not want to break that line). I have opted for a somewhat less technically advanced solution, namely I have stuffed one of the glove-things into my pants at the waist. Then three lines of code in FreePIE and we're done...

Of course, it does not work well, but it works! I can play games I could not play before. The controller is somewhat imprecise, so it is difficult to sync it with the hand controllers, and they might end up far from the head. That can be corrected by 'adjusting' the Hydra controllers, but is tedious, so if you have a solution that would keep the body and the hands in sync, that would be nice.

The only problem is that in the place you are walking in VR goggles, i.e. not seeing anything, there is a sizable bump on the floor, so you are likely to stumble, fall and die. It might actually work if you attach the Gametrak to the ceiling and the cord to the goggles, but I cannot do that at the moment.

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