New interactive AR tech under $200, launching on next Wednes

Discussion of tools and products that add VR physicality. Samples include VR treadmills, special hand controllers, gesture technology and more.
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New interactive AR tech under $200, launching on next Wednes

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Hello all!!! :D

So today's virtual reality tech is absolutely amazing, but we feel that it's pretty DARN EXPENSIVE and inaccessible to everyday consumers. We're a small group of game, tech, and life enthusiasts with a big dream to change this. We want to make the immersion and interactivity of VR gaming accessible to everyone, and playable in the real world.

The ability to physically and tangibly experience VR level gaming anywhere in the world, not just on your couch or in your living room, has always been one of our wildest fantasies. And we want to make it a reality. With Interactive Augmented Reality, a gaming technology that we are developing. Basically a combination of Wii/VR style motion controls, your favorite PC/console game, and Pokemon Go, we're talking about legit real life gaming here!

In order to undertake such a monumental endeavor and develop the best technology possible, we really want your input.

We are launching next Wednesday (11/16) at 8:30 am pst on INDIEGOGO. Pledge then to get Early bird specials!!

Of course, please don't hesitate to comment with any questions or feedback below as we'd love to hear from you! You can also check us out at We are a small indie startup trying to create sweet new VR/AR gaming system, and your input and support will really help us a lot!

WearX :D

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