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Discussion of tools and products that add VR physicality. Samples include VR treadmills, special hand controllers, gesture technology and more.
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Hello guys. I want to show you my parallel project.
That's project no have beautiful oriental buddhist philosophy like in kick fighter controller.
But you can do same by other way.
This controller more simple and primitive for understanding.
But can have better controll for snowboard and surf games.
I called this controller the board.
By filosophy this controller more near traditional gamepad.
Right now I have 8 different buttons, but I can easy made 15 different buttons.
That's good for many FPS and RPG games.
Additional I can made left and right kicks like in kickfighter controller. If I do that with buttons kicks can be different.
I'm use not traditional buttons, but touch sensors. That's better way for a feet.

If you know good VR surfing game pls write me.


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