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Posted: Tue Jan 26, 2016 4:37 am
by colocolo
Found an awesome new elliptical trainer. Looks really nice!
Looks almost like an exoskeleton to me.
Still a lot of room for innovation in this sector, my intuition tells me.
Unfortunately it is a fruit hanging way up on the tree.
My neural network is diffusely pointing there, but the image wont manifest.
Anyways, i think the ODT of the future needs to be analog self propelled device, within the laws of thermodynamics and mechanics of course. It needs to be stupidly elegant, as the human locomotion aparatus already is.
Note: fitness devices in the US can cost as much as an used car! THis one costs 3,300 dollar.


Posted: Tue Jan 26, 2016 6:07 pm
by WiredEarp
Looks very interesting to me.
How long the materials will hold up under the load they are subjected to is my biggest question.


Posted: Wed Jan 27, 2016 1:11 pm
by colocolo
As solid as a normal elliptical trainer.

I like the levers that you have on this machine. Would be awesome to have some with which you could manually change the direction. Pull the right lever, turn right, pull the left one turn left. Just to feel the inertia of the rotation in VR.
Any maybe also a bit of plane tilt as if you would have when you lean into a curve while running.

Doesnt look to expensive too me in terms of building costs.
Here you have a better look onto parts.
AS he also points out the stride length isnt fixed, which is nice....
searching for a video in which someone uses it hands-free.

Those special treadmills are hopelessly overpriced.
Take for example this new woodway curved treadmill. it costs only 5,000 dollar. If you would tear it down you would laugh your ass away.
I am studying treadmills and have taken a few apart.
I bet the woodway treadmill is nothing else than a curved dog treadmill.
Planks on rails/ball bearings (super low friction coefficient) that follow a slightly curved path. gravity is doing the rest for you.
Normal treadmills consist just of two rolls and a belt that rubs against a smooth surface glued to thumb-thick MDF.
Don't think about it...... :woot

Turns out i was right with the woodway treadmill.
A look into it.