Mouse Emulation With Oculus DK2

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Mouse Emulation With Oculus DK2

Post by yacobson »

Hey guys
Im new here and have stumbled across freepie im in no way a programmer
But i have a dilemma
I wish to harness my dk2 too a camera so that it can mimic its movement as a simple mouse
All i need my oculus to do is pretty much what its made for but without changing the resolution and wrapping the visuals.
(i will explain exactly what im trying to achieve so you have some understanding)
Im going to be filming actors on a greenscreen then placing them into a game,
i was just going to do it all in post but i realized if i could use my oculus to track the movements of the camera
the actors would slip perfectly into the game as the camera would perfectly match the in game camera.
my problem is its quite difficult recording oculus footage that isnt warped or a different resolution so i come to the conclusion
i dont need even need to see visuals it just needs to act as a mouse
help is greatly appreciated

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Re: Mouse Emulation With Oculus DK2

Post by WiredEarp »

I have no idea what you are trying to say here re actors and moving cameras, but the mouse emulation bit is easy to achieve, just use OpenTrack.

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