Affordable VR 'walking' locomotion input

Discussion of tools and products that add VR physicality. Samples include VR treadmills, special hand controllers, gesture technology and more.
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Affordable VR 'walking' locomotion input

Post by traveltrousers »

I'm early prototyping my latest whacky idea....

It's not strictly an omni directional treadmill like the Omni or Virtualiser although with socks and a polished floor you could probably use it as one....

I should be able to do everything they do though, forward/back, strafe, unlimited turning, crouch (and hopefully jump too)...

oh and did I mention it should be doable for under $50?? :p ... ion-input/

comments welcome.... expect a 'working' prototype shortly :)

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Re: Affordable VR 'walking' locomotion input

Post by colocolo »

yeah its pretty simple....
A wooden upholstered ring that would be mounted to the wall would do the job.
One could build in a joint, so that you could lean the ring upwards out of the way.
maybe putting a cheap flat cupboard with doors around it.
The floor needs to be very tough,even and to a certain degree slippery.
Maybe a bit of springing underneath the platform to be kind to the body joints.
Sth like a simple air/cushion. Some material to dampen a little bit the impact....

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