Perception Neuron Mo-Cap setup

Discussion of tools and products that add VR physicality. Samples include VR treadmills, special hand controllers, gesture technology and more.
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Perception Neuron Mo-Cap setup

Post by mickman »

So I'm a backer of P.N & wow so far this looks very promising..

Love how small each "neuron" sensor is.

I'm wondering if it would be possible to use them for facial animation as they're really quite small..
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Re: Perception Neuron Mo-Cap setup

Post by Krenzo »

You can't use them for facial tracking because they don't sense position. Each one only senses the angle of rotation. This works for limbs because your limbs are connected at joints and rotate around those joints. If you put them on your face, they would all generally have the same rotation. Now, if you raise your cheeks or open your mouth, the sensors would still be reporting the same rotation. What has changed is the position or distance between each sensor which is not being measured.

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