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Hydra/STEM emulation with move + navigation controllers

Posted: Mon Aug 11, 2014 6:40 am
by NoxWings
Hi guys!

I've recently seen this project idea[1] to attach a navigation controller with psmove to emulate a razer hydra. Looks like the DUALPlay project did not suceed but I was wondering about the viability of doing this project on my own.

I plan to use the psmove only for the tracking orientation + position and other controller like the navigation controller attached for the joysticks and the buttons emulation.

I could create a FreePIE plugin to integrate PSMoveAPI and then create a script to emulate the razer hydra using the move. The big problem comes with the navigation controller. Looks like there is no library to use the navigation controller on pc. The only software that can manage this to work is motioninjoy, but it requires 1 bt dongle exclusively dedicated to this software. I'd end up with 2 bt dongles to manage this whole thing (1 for the navigation controllers and 1 more for both psmoves)

Is there any library or software to use the navigation controller without having to have a specific bt donle for it?
Is there any other cheap one hand controller like the navigation one with a couple of buttons on top of it?

Tips or other approach ideas are welcome.

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