Project PERCEPTION NEURON - Flexible motion capture system

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Project PERCEPTION NEURON - Flexible motion capture system

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Hi fellow developers,

I've been doing my own research into how to achieve a complete and untethered full-body immersion in VR. During this research I got in contact with Noitom and they invited my over to Beijing to work on a novel and very exciting motion capture system. Please let me introduce Project PERCEPTION NEURON. A low cost, adaptable, accurate and fast motion capture system for use with HDM or traditional mocap/animation:


Image ... ion-neuron

Since I'm a game designer by nature, I mainly worked on testing the system for use as an input device in video games. I'm also very interested in the potential novel gameplay applications of using real-time motion capture. So this is where I spent most of my R&D for the last 1.5 months. Most of the game prototypes seen in the video are made by me and I will try to record some more footage in the future. I will also write a longer blog post about my experience but let me summaries the most important things first:
  • - Using finger motion tracking is one of the coolest, most intuitive ways to interact in the virtual world. However it is also very challenging to develop good experience for it because of the lack of tactical feedback.
    I believe there will be a huge application field for upper-body tracking in combination with VR. Not just for games but also for other applications.

    - Using full body poses more challenges as it requires more space to move around in and if your using it with VR there is the additional challenge of how to prevent players from running into physical walls. Using a treadmill system could solve some of these but still doesn't provide a complete freedom of movement.

    - Using a system like PERCEPTION NEURON is the perfect fit for real-time virtual reality interaction. You can use it without an HMD but then the interaction gets more difficult because of the lack of depth.

    - Using it for none real-time interaction is a lot easier as this is an already established field. The difference now is that its affordable. So everyone can buy and use it for their own motion capture and animation ideas.
Using motion capture like this for real-time game interaction is still a very unexplored territory. I'm looking very forward to exploring the possibilities and tackling the challenges of PERCEPTION NEURON with all of you.

Some guys from the team will be at SIGGRAPH. So if you're around I highly recommend to go check out their booth #533. They will demo the system there and you can try it out yourself by playing some of the demos I made.

I'll try to record some latency test footage with a high speed camera. In the meantime please feel free to shot me with any questions and I'll try to answer them to the best of my knowledge. Thank you :)

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