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Standard approach to "tricking" non-modded FPSs
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Author:  konstantin_lozev [ Sun Jul 06, 2014 3:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Standard approach to "tricking" non-modded FPSs

Hi to all, I have been doing some GlovePIE scripting for the past 2 years (on the rare occasion the my bluetooth drivers would allow). I saw that the GlovePIE forum is dead for 1 year or so, so I decided to post here.
Last week I finally finished a "hybrid" script that behaves differently depending on whether the gun is on your hip or you are aiming down the sights.
When the gun is on your hip, the script behaves similarly to a joystick, i.e. once you point away from the center, your character turns into that direction and continues to turn (faster if you point further away) until you point back to the center of the screen. This allows good turning speed and most importantly - you don't need constant "re-calibration" like the abomination of software implementation that is MAG II. There might be a perception of "lag" the first few times you play since to reverse the direction i which you turn, your wiimote must travel back to the center of the screen and you will start turning in the opposite direction only once you go past the center of the screen an into the opposite direction.
When you are aiming down the sights, the script behaves more or less like a mouse/on-rails-light-gun, the on-screen sights tracking your gun, i.e. if you point slightly away from the center of the screen, your sights will more slightly in that direction, but if you stop there (slightly away from the center of the screen), you will not continue turning. This allows good precision while aiming down the sights.
I put together a simple demo (no sound or explanations, very "raw") to give you an idea.
I am thinking whether this idea of "hybrid" script (or a similar one) cannot be implemented like a standard approach to "trick" non-modded FPSs to behave more naturally. For example, you can control your character turning with the Rift while your gun is on your hip, but once you look down the sights, the wiimore/hydra takes over.
All feedback is appreciated!

Author:  cybereality [ Sun Jul 06, 2014 7:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Standard approach to "tricking" non-modded FPSs

Have you looked into FreePIE?

Author:  konstantin_lozev [ Mon Jul 07, 2014 12:12 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Standard approach to "tricking" non-modded FPSs

Yes, I checked it out and had some exchange of views with CyberVillain: viewtopic.php?f=139&t=19772
The bad thing is FreePIE does not support IR bar yet and the whole script in the part of turning and looking is based on the IR bar :(
In my experience, unless you use an implementation that has some source of constant reference like the IR bar, there would always be some drift over time and a need for re-calibration. I had tried this with the wiimote and it did not work well (still some drift over time). The MAG II also has drift and even the PS3 Move has drift (for the latter my theory is that the yaw gets messed up if you keep the light ball static but rotate the handle around it, which is a common scenario for pointing to the far ends of the screen). From my experience no IR bar => drift.
Anyway, my question was more on whether there is a standard solution for what I have been trying to do, i.e. to provide a good and natural experience that allows good turning speed with no "re-calibtation" while turning with the gun on your hip combined with good one-on-one tracking while you aim down the sights. And of course, to have your thoughts on my solution, but maybe that can wait until I do the tutorial on the script.

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