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 SightLine: New Playable demo! 
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This is a story of how are the laws of physics broken

I'm excited to announce that the crowdfunding campaign for SightLine has launched!

Support SightLine on IndieGogo here!

Official website  |  Facebook Page

IndieGogo campaign is launching on March 23. Starting Wednesday a short story prelude video will be released each day, until the campaign launch!


Enter a world where the reality itself is deteriorating. A mysterious infection is spreading through the Solar System, breaking down the laws of physics and taking away the consistency of world around them.

Humanity has abandoned Earth and built HeLiOs, an enormous station submerged under the surface of the Sun. A temporary refuge where they urgently try to find the secrets behind the reality splinters. You must make sense of the volatile world you have been thrown in, as things can change by simply looking away, and survive long enough to unveil the mystery and save the humanity.

SightLine is a sci-fi story driven, environmental action puzzle game, based on our award winning prototype from the 2013 Indiecade VR Jam. With unique core gameplay mechanics designed to craft a surreal and unique experience, Sightline will be far from reality you are familiar with.

How do you play?

SightLine is a game you play by looking. The moment an object leaves your line of sight it can change into something else. The whole scene around you can completely transform by simply turning around. To survive in such world, you need to be looking at the right place in the right time or averting your eyes when the situation calls for it.

A variety of tools will help you cope with this world, from simple ones as flashlight, hand mirror or binoculars, to more complex ones like 3D holographic camera or light spectrum filters. No moment in SightLine will be the same and you'll have to constantly figure out what's going on.

But don't worry: There will be time to catch your breath and get a stable foothold at least for a while and explore the life on the HeLiOs, technologically advanced station not only capable of withstanding the extremelly hostile environment inside of a star, but take control of its processes to provide everyone with energy and materials for short term survival and a key to a long term one.

However even within the walls of HeLiOs you won't be completely safe. Prepare to fight off kinds of monsters you have never seen that are mysteriously popping up around the station.

What’s the storyline?


While the narration of surreal segments is poetic and philosophical the storyline unveiling aboard the HeLiOs is rooted in solid reality and proper reasoning. A striking contrast between fuzzy poetry and hard sci-fi, yet more connected than you might think.

The volatile nature of the world of SightLine allows for unique style of storytelling, covering broad spectre of topics, themes and environments, throwing you into deadly situations only to make them vanish like there was never even a sign of threat.

SightLine strives to keep you guessing what’s going on right until the end, not knowing what’s real. Is there some reality behind the dream-like worlds? Are there just illusions on the star station? Support the game and you will know!

How it started?

SightLine started as a prototype developed for a 3 week VR jam held by Oculus Rift and IndieCade by Tomáš Mariančík (aka Frooxius), a hobbyist developer with passion for designing games ever since he got his first computer at age 12, with the help of Ondřej Pultar and Julian Ceipek, who provided music and narration respectively.

Thanks to the very positive feedback from the Oculus & IndieCade judges, but also other developers and players, SightLine is now on a track to become a fully fledged game. By supporting the development you not only help us bring a polished unique experience to you, but also turning passionate hobby into a full time work.

Download and play the prototype yourself!

The prototype is freely available, both in VR and on the computer screen, so you can try the game concept for yourself! Give it a try!

Windows: Oculus Rift Version | Screen (non-VR) version

What's planned for the full version?

The prototype tests only the basic concept on a few ideas and scenes. We plan to vastly expand the game mechanics and storyline, so there's a lot you can look forward to:

  • Full Sci-Fi story: Onboard the star station HeLiOs the mystery behind the seemingly nonsensical behavior of the world and broken laws of physics will be revealed and explained in a rational way with many references to real science.
  • More mechanics based on direction of your gaze: We're building many more puzzles around the concept of lacking object permanence and plan to utilize specific angles of your gaze as well.
  • Game play items related to looking at things and perceiving: To get through the puzzles and environments,you'll have to use objects like hand mirror, wireless camera, binoculars, 3D holographic camera, light spectrum filter, fob watch, flashlight or even a simple cardboard box to hide things in!
  • Better visuals: The graphics in the prototype were patched quickly from combination of self-made models and free assets. Thanks your funding we can bring aboard skilled graphic designers to give SightLine its own unique visuals to please your eyes.
  • Better audio and interactive music: The prototype suffers from lower quality audio due to time restrictions of the VR jam. With the funding voice actors will be paid and higher quality audio equipment used. The full version will also continue to feature interactive music that changes as you play through the game to give you the feel of whole orchestra following your actions!
  • Action segments: SightLine won't be just about bizarre puzzles. You'll have to defend yourself and neutralize variety of enemies! By using similarly bizarre methods of course :)

What are others saying

SightLine received quite positive feedback from the players and won 3rd place in the open call category of the VR jam held by Oculus and IndieCade. Here are some things people said:


SightLine is a 3rd place winner in the three week VR jam held by Oculus and IndieCade! Here's what the judges had to say:

Oculus & IndieCade VR Jam wrote:
Sight Line was a contender due to the interesting way gaze direction is used as a game-play mechanic. Beyond just changing the world depending on where you look for dramatic effect, the game actually uses player gaze as a game-play element to solve puzzles and interact with the world. Coupled with an interesting metaphysical theme, Sight Line stood out amongst other VR Jam entries.

In an IGN article by Craig Pearson, SightLine was named as one of 10 games, that will make you want an Oculus Rift - a big honor to the game. Here's an excerpt of what he had to say:

IGN wrote:
Sight Line realises unreality in the best possible way, keeping track of your gaze and allowing things to happen just out of sight, creating a world that can change in the blink of an eye or the turning of your head.

Players, Reviewers & Community

SightLine was also positively received by other players and reviewers. Here are just some of the things they had to say:

VR Brotherhood: SightLine on the Oculus Rift! A Quantum Experience wrote:
Wow, that was absolutely amazing. Those experiences right there is what virtual reality is all about. Um... I'm lost for words. That was... *gestures mind-blowing*

Okay, so this is the kind of experience I want to have on the Oculus Rift. This is the kind of experience that's not possible without this type of technology. You know, as much as it's fun to get poop scared of you at a horror game, you know, I don't feel like I'm really gaining anything from that kind of experience.

AlongCameJosh: Oculus Rift - SightLine MINDFREAK GAME + FACECAM wrote:
That was pretty cool. That game was really creative and interesting. Oh man, it just so beats a horror game.

It's like a dream almost. It's like a bad dream, but also good dream. In the way that those spikes were going to get me and it's like look down and look up and it changed into a fan and I look down and the floor was fine. It's just so cool! They need to do more stuff like this, it's so cool and innovative.

emart: Mind Blown in SIGHTLINE on the Oculus Rift: Full Playthrough wrote:
That was awesome. Way cooler than I expected it to be. I remember seeing trailers for it and I was like... eh looks alright. Yeah, way cool, if you have a Rift and you haven't played this game yet, I'd recommend it. I'm sure a lot of you already played it, but it's about time I already did, because that was cool. I kinda already said it, it's trippy, it's awesome. Thumbs up for me, I think it's great.

What are the funds needed for?

Developing a polished game requires a lot of passion and time. And while we have more than enough of the first, the second is much more scarce resource. By pledging you enable us to work on title fulltime and get the ball rolling.

Questions and feedback welcome!

If anything is unclear or you have any questions, feel free to contact us or post a comment. Any kinds of feedback is also most welcome!

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Sun Feb 23, 2014 12:09 pm
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Good luck!

check my blog -

Sun Feb 23, 2014 5:30 pm
One Eyed Hopeful

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@cyberreality: Thank you! :)

I would like to announce that the IndieGogo campaign is launching on Sunday, March 23 and starting Wednesday a new story prelude video will be released each day, leading to the campaign, so you have something to look forward to! :)

The first post was also updated with new information.

Tue Mar 18, 2014 2:15 pm
One Eyed Hopeful

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The first part of five part Prelude series is here! You can watch it here:

Official website  |  Facebook Page

Help the game and share! :) Also feel free to tell me what do you think.

Wed Mar 19, 2014 12:08 pm
One Eyed Hopeful

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Hello! The second part is up! :) Comments are much appreciated!

Thu Mar 20, 2014 12:02 pm
One Eyed Hopeful

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Part 3 is up!

Fri Mar 21, 2014 12:04 pm
One Eyed Hopeful

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Part 4 is up! We're almost there, the IndieGogo campaign is launching tomorrow at 0:00 GMT. Please a share! :)

Official website  |  Facebook Page

Sat Mar 22, 2014 12:19 pm
One Eyed Hopeful

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I'm excited to announce that the crowdfunding campaign for SightLine has launched!

Support SightLine on IndieGogo here!

Official website  |  Facebook Page

Help us make this reality! Pledge, share and comment! :)

As a special treat, he's the last part of SightLine Prelude, finishing the surreal sci-fi short about the events before the story of SightLine.

Sun Mar 23, 2014 6:13 pm
One Eyed Hopeful

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As many of you, I was quite shocked by the acquisition of Oculus by Facebook. I wouldn't expect them to be even interested in Oculus, but it seems that they are. Maybe their plans for VR are atrocious, maybe they'll be amazing or somewhere in between and open a new area of social use of VR.

But myself and many of you there are interested in VR for gaming and in my opinion that doesn't have to go anywhere as long as we keep pushing for the version of VR we love. We both have the power: Developers are in the charge of the content and what they'll agree (or not) to put in it and the players create the demand and protest if they don't like something.

I'm not sure what direction will Oculus with Facebook take, but if there's enough interest in VR gaming, there will be someone to provide the supply.

As a developer of SightLine, I am in charge of what direction my VR game takes and I can assure you it's not going to be the one Facebook envisions. I'll keep developing it the way I envisioned it: SightLine will be a proper gamer experience.

As a small treat we've put together a simple Oculus demo based on the mechanics of SightLine - Oculus changing to Facebook back and forth, try it out! You can hear our new voice narrator Louis Arrigoni.

Download SightLine reacts to Facebook acquiring Oculus here

My message is simple: Don't abandon VR just because of this. Palmer has promised that their mission won't change and Oculus people are gamers, but what if most gamers interested in that mission will go away?

I would also like to use this opportunity to thank everyone so far for your contributions and helping to make SightLine happen. We believe in VR being the future of gaming, with Oculus or without (but we're positive it will stay with :) ) and continue developing SightLine without any changes.

Wed Mar 26, 2014 4:33 pm
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The early birds just sold out! Thanks everyone for the support, we're on a good track and the campaign just started a few days ago!

We are working on several updates and will be releasing them soon. You can look forward to new videos, stretch goals and other news and extras. The work on the full, polished version of SightLine has already slowly begun - we're just impatient and develop this out of pure passion (if only it could pay the bills :) ). You'll see new unique footage from the game soon!

In the meanwhile, check out this awesome new video by Markiplier: Will you laugh as much as we did at his take on SightLine? :D

And don't forget! Pledge, share and comment! You can make this reality!

Fri Mar 28, 2014 11:20 am
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As promised, here's the first out of many goodies - SightLine Prelude - introduction to the surreal sci-fi story of the game in one video!

And the don't forget the trio to help us out: Pledge, share and comment! :) See you next time with more fun stuff!

Sat Mar 29, 2014 2:05 pm
One Eyed Hopeful

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The work on full version of SightLine has already begun a while ago, but there wasn't much to show, until now! I'm happy to present to you SightLine Playground: A new simple demo based on the new framework! It works with Oculus as well as on the screen.

Download for: Windows | Mac | Linux

Support further development at IndieGogo! (and share please! :) )

You can also watch video from the playground here, but if you can play it first, because spoilers!

SightLine is actually being rebuilt from ground up. The prototype was put together very quickly, so it's very messy, which is why I've been working on a new framework upon which I can build the full game with more ease and flexibility. This demo was built with that framework to test its function and demonstrate basic principles of the game.

This demo may be small and simple, but there's more to come soon! Try it out and don't forget to share your thoughts and show it to all your friends! (and foes too ;) )

Wed Apr 02, 2014 3:14 pm
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