DukeVR - Duke 3D for the Rift / VR HMDs

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DukeVR - Duke 3D for the Rift / VR HMDs

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Debated posting this here since it's on the Oculus forums already, but there might still be some people that don't check both.

DukeVR is a modification of the EDuke32 port of Duke Nukem 3D for Windows. It allows side-by-side 3D rendering, applying a warp shader designed for head mounted displays, and reading in external head-tracking data for updating the player's orientation (yaw, pitch, and roll).

Partial list of changes:
- Added SBS 3D rendering support
- Warp shader for SBS 3D mode
- When not in the game world, the view size is shrunk down. So in menus, when looking at the overhead map (TAB key), when dead, when switching levels, when paused (PAUSE key), etc etc, the view will not take up your entire vision. Only when actively playing the game, will the screen size be large.
- Crosshair and HUD try to adjust their horizontal position based on the depth of what you're looking at (laser dot style).
- Added the ability for the game to get input for player roll / pitch / and yaw from a memory-mapped file. This allows the game to not only interface with the Rift, but other HMDs and trackers also.

The game also mouse and keyboard, but also gamepads (the XBox 360 controller bindings should be setup already), and an optional high-res texture pack (with newer 3D models, and new skyboxes that look better in VR).


YouTube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d4So2p189JQ

For more information, and download links:

If you don't already have a registered copy of Duke3D, the shareware version is included (first episode of 4).
If you want the full version, the registered edition is available on Steam / GOG for $5.99-$9.99 (depending on the version).

Feedback and comments are very welcome.
A couple of followups from people that have tried it so far:
- If you get a missing DLL error (MSVCR110.DLL or similar), you probably need the Visual C++ redistributable (32 bit). A link is available in the downloads section of the DukeVR page.
- If you have issues with the gamepad (the game thinking you're still holding down a gamepad stick when you're not), see this comment:
http://www.reddit.com/r/oculus/comments ... ft/cc8cnuv

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Re: DukeVR - Duke 3D for the Rift / VR HMDs

Post by cybereality »

I tried it, it was great.

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Re: DukeVR - Duke 3D for the Rift / VR HMDs

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Glad to hear, judging from the comments on Reddit it brought back a lot of FPS game nostalgia for people. Duke 3D was the first FPS I played a bunch of before moving on to Quake II (/ Quake 3 / Unreal Tournament).

My queue of Rift games has really been growing the past few weeks:
- Duke 3D (I'm mid first episode in VR now)
- Half Life 2 (planning on replaying now that adoral84's Hydra mod is out with the built-in Rift support, just did the first couple of chapters with the built-in support and Hydra + MotionCreator)
- Slender The Arrival (compatible with Rift as of today)
- A lot of cool looking VR Jam demos that CymaticBruce demoed and I noted I wanted to try: Time Rifters, Ciess, Dreadhalls, Polyrider, EpicDragon, Jink, The Chicken or the Legs, SightLine, a couple others

Definitely a fun time to be a PC gamer.

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