Powergrid™ - Virtual Reality Art Gallery / Club - Now Open!

Talk about Head Mounted Displays (HMDs), augmented reality, wearable computing, controller hardware, haptic feedback, motion tracking, and related topics here!
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Powergrid™ - Virtual Reality Art Gallery / Club - Now Open!

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Astrogun Powergrid is an ongoing virtual reality art gallery club for the Oculus Rift, a showcase of the latest works-in-progress and past work of studio Astrogun and founder Xander Davis, as well as a place to build experimental VR design, collaborate on new art with guests, and simply hang out in designer reality. A standard non-VR version is included for those without the Rift.

EARLY ACCESS PRE-ALPHA NOW AVAILABLE: Your support will help Powergrid grow and evolve!

See you there and would love to know what you think.


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