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North East South West - by Roger Essig

Posted: Sun Jul 14, 2013 10:05 am
by rogeressig
I watched John Carmack first talk about it, then checked out the kickstarter and thought, "rad! I'll wait for the consumer version"... I then forgot about it.
I then saw Cymatic Bruce's reaction in 'Museum of the Microstar' and ordered a dev kit in late april, 2013.
I am not an existing developer by any stretch, so what I've done is given myself a challenge and a deadline of December 2013
to make something that I am happy with. I'm learning as I go and will be implementing interactivity into this VR world.

wow, my self-imposed deadline of December is under a month away, (I'm making it the end of December).
After getting my rift I discovered my world was way too complex, so i restarted it, although in retrospect I could of learnt about Occlusion culling
and LOD to make it playable around 60fps. I've been slowly discovering very cool effects for implementing psychedelic immersive content into the world,
and slowly implementing interactivity. It's a tiny world, but it's my world :mrgreen:
close-up screenshot of DMT Experience Booth with a relevant speech about virtual reality by Terence Mckenna.
The Gallery section where my artwork is held.
A 360°3D DMT realm, think of it like being inside a huge opal that is animated in all directions.
a 3d wireframe spherical flower of life object that you can walk inside of as it rotates.

I'm yet to add the lucid dreaming training section, I have to learn about raycast interaction. Hopefully will have this completed
by December 31st! I'm 2 months behind where I expected to be with it, and will continue to build and learn and share what I come up with.
I estimate I've shown, (for free), the Oculus to over 500 people at various gatherings, parties and festivals, that's my excuse for being behind schedule!


steadily working out how to make 3d worlds with the unity 3d engine.
This weekend I managed to import my '3d spherical flower of life'
and have it float and rotate over a reflective pool of water. yummo!

- a blog post about the project on 'oculus head community'

Visionary artist Roger Anthony Essig got inspired by a talk about virtual reality by Terence Mckenna were he talks about
how virtual reality could be used to make dreams and visions realy come to life and made accessible, so that we could
walk in each others visions. The first screenshots do seem very promising although it's in an early stage of development.
Skilled and complex visuals are starting to take form.

His aim is to create a place for exploration, with some form of puzzle solving for
uncovering hidden animated objects. There will be rewards for discovering things, such as techniques for gaining lucidity in dreams
and maintaining the awareness once you’re in. He feels Lucid dreaming as the most advanced Virtual Reality possible.
“I want my VR world to be a launch pad for lucid dreaming.”

Currently he is using 3dsmax and Unity to make ‘North East South West’ which is in part an
Art Gallery and exploration game wich will be playable with the rift.


Latest screenshots of the VR world, Designed in Unity, in junction with 3dsMax.



Here's a look at a concept for a part of the environment for this ongoing art project.



I have recenty ordered the DEV RIFT after having my imagnation go into overdrive from watching and researching everything about Oculus.
My goal while waiting for it to arrive, is to learn how to develop a VR art installaion/experience. I'm starting very basic and then building on it.
I will experiment with UDK and Unity and research what will be more suitable as I get a clearer vision of what to develop.
I have given myself a deadline of December 2013 to produce something of interest.
This is the vibe of the project..

my current status on the project is conceptual phase.

Cheers, Roger ... 255&type=3