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 Is Android still the future of Oculus Rift. 
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Just curious about something.

It seems like there is a Mexican Standoff looming between Facebook, Samsung and Google.

It is well known that Samsung wants to get away from Google in the advertising revenue stream it should be making from its mobile phones.

Yet Google owns the Android operating system which Oculus is being strapped to.

Samsung and Facebook are now tied up indirectly through Oculus and Gear VR.

So what is going to break first.

If Samsung ports its mobile phones to its own operating system Tizen will that fragment its Android customers, and by default Oculus Rift and its developers.

Also Google may eventually develop its own VR hardware beyond Google Cardboard.

And what happens if Google changes something in its operating system that stuffs the Oculus Rift software. Can that happen? It has happened in other businesses. (Emagin and Nvidia anyone)

Anyway, it probably won't happen.


Sun Sep 07, 2014 8:51 am
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Found an interesting article by 'Gordon Kelly', which will give you insight of why Samsung can not bitching around Android OS any more. ... ung-twice/

I don't think RIFT is OS Dependent its hardware which can have ecosystem developed around any OS that's the reason we already have support
for Mac or Linux too.

Oculus SDK

The Oculus Rift is paired with the publicly available Oculus SDK which includes source code, documentation, and samples to help you hit the ground running.
The Oculus Rift and the Oculus SDK currently support Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

budda wrote:
If Samsung ports its mobile phones to its own operating system Tizen will that fragment its Android customers, and by default Oculus Rift and its developers.

Tizen is Samsung home grown OS its trying from so long to make popular so far not successful due to many reasons. So the hidden agenda was first deform android with Touch Wiz and make it unrecognizable with heavy re-skinning. Make Tizen with same UX of Touch wiz the slowly replace android all to gather.

As mentioned in above sited article due to pact between Samsung and Google this thing will not happen at-least by this way. There is hardly any chance of big chunk of Users and Developers leave android just to have benefits of OS (Still not free of flaws) that dedicated to single manufacturer. we have seen rise and fall of Symbian. There is really very thin chance.

So your question
'Is Android future of Oculus Rift'

Most Probable answer is not Android, No IoS or Not even Mac or Linux as these are just 'OS'.

If you talk about form like...
IS Absolute Mobility and freedom from any Tethering, Self Sufficient Device which is light weight like mobile phones and small tabs a future of Oculus Rift.

I too believe, it is.
Thank you.

Mon Sep 08, 2014 5:31 am
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