K&L Station: 5th Element meets Hugo in VR

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K&L Station: 5th Element meets Hugo in VR

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Download Details:
Windows: http://bit.ly/1cWUtnK
Linux: Coming soon...
Mac: Coming soon...

Hey guys, here's a new interactive cinema piece we created.

Continuing our excitement around cinematic interactive narratives for virtual reality, we put together a new concept piece. We brought back some old 90s rendering tricks to VR that work surprisingly well. I don't want to spoil the surprise so we'll delve into details later.

If you're interested in the details, we blog about our process at http://blog.kiteandlightning.la/. You can also hit me up on the twitters (@ikrimae).

The usual Oculus Rift bindings:

‘W,S’ – Move forward/back
‘A,D’ – Move left/right
‘Q,R’ – Turn the camera left/right

Feel free to share and redistribute, just give us credit. We don’t have a license for all of the content here, so we can’t use our normal license to allow people to remix things but hopefully in the future, we’ll release stuff that others can use.
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Re: K&L Station: 5th Element meets Hugo in VR

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This was an awesome experience!

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