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Oculus Rift / Virtual Reality documentary

Posted: Thu Jan 09, 2014 6:51 am
by Dr.Minky
Hello everyone,

The Oculus community and the potential of virtual reality as a whole is rapidly growing. Its extremely exciting, and as for those of us who have been following the rift from the start, seeing it living up to its claims and exceeding expectations is amazing.

We're half way through the development process of the Rift now, so myself and several colleagues are planning on creating a 10 minute documentary about the Oculus Rift to show off this revolutionary tech, highlight potential future applications of virtual reality gear beyond just being a gaming toy, and challenge some of the potential effects of virtual reality. For this, we will need to interview some knowledgable and well known developers in the rift community. We want to mainly do thsi in person to achieve the highest quality, but also over Skype, or if high enough quality with your own footage. We would also love to film some social events based around virtual reality.

We are confident we can make a high quality and interesting documentary around this, but we can only do this with the help of you guys. If you're a developer of a well known oculus game or mod, are developing an alternative application for the rift, or even new VR tech, we would love to hear from you and learn more about what you are doing, to see if we can fit it into the documentary.

We are based in the UK in Southampton, so are able to travel up to London to meet people if they can provide a place to film. I personally am also able to come to the Netherlands where I can also film some interviews.

We have a time frame from now to mid April to start and finish this documentary, so please show your support in this thread if you want to see this made, and let us know of any potential people who may be interested or upcoming events which may be good to film!

If you want to talk privately, you can contact me at

- Louis Arrigoni

Re: Oculus Rift / Virtual Reality documentary

Posted: Thu Jan 09, 2014 7:42 am
by Attreyu
Nice ideea, I'm sure it can bring another layer of exposure on the VR as a whole.
There are a number of people and companies which are based in the EU which are involved.

Vrase are spaniards residing in the UK.
Durovis Dive is from Germany.
InfinitEYE is from France.
Cyberith Virtualizer is from Germany.
Viiwok 3Deva is from Spain.
FreePIE is from Sweden.

I'm sure there are more.

Re: Oculus Rift / Virtual Reality documentary

Posted: Thu Jan 09, 2014 7:51 am
by Attreyu
I think we should organize a meeting this summer :D

Re: Oculus Rift / Virtual Reality documentary

Posted: Thu Jan 09, 2014 1:11 pm
by colocolo
Concerning where virtual reality might go in future beyond just being a toy i think Kevin Warwick perhaps might be a interesting person to talk to. He was credited to be the first person with a brain interface in 2002 and is working at the university of Reddington as a professor for cybernetics. He's already done some nice interviews concerning singularity also via skype.
In that interview he was talking about the Borg (Star trek) and that if he had the oppurtunity to be in their matrix he would definitely do it. :D He is also considering recieving a nerve interface once again.
I find the idea of a neural interfaced very awesome. Some people think its waaay ahead in the future but neuroscientists are already working on advanced neurophotonic neural interfaces for amputees that will have very good motoric capabilities and will also let them feel again.
And the easier and faster that kind of OP goes on the more probable it gets for humanity as a NCI. Also the benefits humanity would obtain of it are humongous. I mean what if you suddenly simulate matter(not atoms,sure, but absolutely sufficient for human perception)???
Movies like Matrix only have shown a very dystopian side of a Matrix till today, but actually very few people are aware of the positive potential a NCI will have on humanity. It would be nice if people actually would become aware of those paradise like world and the idea would spread like a virus. (may accelerate things :) )
Ultimatively i think its the direction humanity and VR is headed.