Strike Suit Zero Oculus Rift Update

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Re: Strike Suit Zero Oculus Rift Update

Post by CylonSurfer »

Has anyone got a flight stick and rudder pedal combination running in Rift mode? I can use my stick and pedals in 2D modem just fine, as soon as I start SSZ in Rift mode I'm unable to select any option other than those on the main title screen or start a mission. I've literally tried everything I can think of but I've not been able to play in Rift Mode at all.

It seems that Rift Mode should support Joysticks as the message when you start the game says you need either a 360 pad or joystick to play.

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Re: Strike Suit Zero Oculus Rift Update

Post by budwheizzah »

Geez, this game.... I can't buy this is looks like a prime risk. Wasted expense.

Open the SSZ community hub on Steam... look up the word Rift. Nothing.
Store page? Nothing.
Discussions? Nothing but ancient posts, and only reporting problems.
Updates? None.

Did they just shovel the support in it like garbage, or do they plan on supporting this?
They go out of their way on description pages to hide the Rift support and avoid mentioning it until someone has a problem with it.

From what I see it's almost as if they were hiding it like they were ashamed of it.

That being said if anyone has this game and tried the Rift:
1) Is it at least half decent?
2) Have they updated/improved the implementation at least once?
3) Is the support active and do they listen to testers?

So far it looks like they just plugged it in for a short term popularity boost. I'm all for being the VR guinea pig - that's what the dev kit is far, that and creating; while this games' footage makes it look worthy, the surrounding opinion and active efforts by the developer to hide the feature makes me very worried about paying to try this out. This kind of process should be wide open with lots of conversation and readily publicly accessible info on the progress. This appears like the very opposite. Let me know, anyone.

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Re: Strike Suit Zero Oculus Rift Update

Post by JoeReMi »

It was fun for an hour, for me anyway. There are problems with the crosshairs implementation I think, and without better resolution it gets difficult pretty early on (for me anyway, but I'm pretty rubbish). I don't think they ever updated their rift support. Worth picking up on sale I think!

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Re: Strike Suit Zero Oculus Rift Update

Post by baggyg »

I think this was one of those implementations that hit the glass ceiling of the DK low res. The guys from SSZ have been touring around with a HD dev kit as far as I am aware. The issue with Oculus supported stuff for indie devs at the moment is that the number of people with them doesn't equate to a large revenue influx.

I would expect them to upgrade the implementation once the consumer rifts are out. However I do agree that if you are going to do something, then commit to it. I have my own misgivings about the way this game was funded / marketed. I was part of the original KS oculus forum and a some of the developers response were like "not sure if I will get time to work with the Oculus version etc etc".

I however will stay optimistic that this could be a really great game for the Oculus. With the interest in EVE game (whatever its called) you would think there is definitely a future for SSZ Rift

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