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Some questions about nvidia 3d

Posted: Tue Sep 10, 2013 8:52 pm
by alaskatroll
Hi all, i'm new to these forums and i'm about to get into 3d gaming (and other stereoscopic stuff) pretty hard. I ordered an LG passive 3d monitor, and I im using a gtx 550 ti. Thanks in advance for your input, as I have a fair number of questions.

1. So, to get stereoscopy working on the passive monitor, it looks like i need nvidia 3d tv play. I know i don't need their 3d vision shutter glasses or hardware, just passive polarized glasses, but I'm wondering... how exactly is 3d tv play related to 3d vision system? is it a completely different thing, or is it a modified version of/add-on to the 3d vision drivers? Basically, is everything 3d vision compatible also compatible with 3d tv play?

2. I saw a thread on here form a while back about how to fool your computer into thinking you had the 3d vision hardware connected, allowing you to install and activate 3d tv play for free. I am definitely interested in saving myself the $40 if I can, so I was wondering, is that still possible?

3. When playing games that are reportedly 3d vision compatible, does 3d vision / 3d tv play recognize that and then activate? Or can I manually activate stereoscopy whenever i want? Would that be done with the nvidia control panel, or within compatible games?

4. I read a little bit about 3d vision, and from what I understand, it simply works at the driver level and tells directx to render at a different camera angle every other frame or every other pixel row. Doesn't that mean that it should, in theory, work for anything that uses direct3D to render? I'm particularly interested in using it to view 3D equation graphs for calculus class, and microsoft mathematics uses direct3D, so if possible that would be amazing.

please feel free to explain anything else to me that you think i might need to know, based on my confusion. Thanks!

Re: Some questions about nvidia 3d

Posted: Tue Sep 10, 2013 9:24 pm
by cybereality
1) If your monitor uses HDMI 1.4a for 3D, then you will need Nvidia 3DTV Play. The software is basically the same as Nvidia 3D Vision in terms of compatibility. It just works with different devices.

2) Nvidia regularly releases updates that patch loop-holes in their software. Not sure if those hacks still work or not, I wouldn't rely on them.

3) You can enable or disable 3D in the Nvidia control panel. You can also do it in game with a hot-key if you want.

4) Theoretically it could make any DirectX application into 3D, but sometimes there are issues. Usually it only works for full-screen applications (like games).

Re: Some questions about nvidia 3d

Posted: Wed Sep 11, 2013 11:25 am
by Likay
Also: You should also be able to run tridef ignitition which is a similar service as 3d-vision. Generally tridef looks better than 3d-vision but it's a resourcehog (fewer fps) but it's good to have several options to choose the best experience from.
As an extra note about 3d-vision: Be sure to check out the "Helix thread" on the nvidia 3d-vision forums. Entusiasts are regularly putting out patches for several games which makes them not only playable in 3d but also looking great. In it's original form 3d-vision sucks ball.

Re: Some questions about nvidia 3d

Posted: Thu Sep 12, 2013 12:48 am
by skyguy
Line interleaved still working since 2011 for 3d vision. You'll find more help on this on the tv subsection on this forum. Make sure to flip your glass if using 3d vision though.