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 Wiimote Mouse Script v:1.4.1 
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One Eyed Hopeful

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Hello all! I wanted to share with you all my take on a wiiMotionPlus mouse script.

Here's the releases page on GitHub.

Features Include:
-Hold B to move Cursor, Left Click = A, Right Click = +, Mid Click = Home
-Hold - and point up and down to scroll up and down
-Hold 1 and roll like a volume knob to adjust the volume
I also put all the button mappings and fine tuning near the top of the script so that you can more easily make it your own.

1.4.1: now with lednerg's cursor movement with roll correction!


Thu Mar 08, 2018 6:53 am
One Eyed Hopeful

Joined: Mon Jan 29, 2018 4:41 pm
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Version 1.4.1 is now out!

Sat Apr 21, 2018 8:37 pm
One Eyed Hopeful

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Nice! glad someone else was interested in having roll compensation. I managed to get similar results relying on accelerator data. Just much crappier programming on my end. Unfortunately it doesn't quite work well enough for fps games as quick movements tend to cause drift. It seems your script does this too.

There is a more advanced version of lednerg mouse script that uses gyro information in addition to accelerometer information. I found it here: It is named 'WiimotePlus FPS - COD Series'. It removes the 'arc' that the accel data causes as well as the drifting cursor.

I tried to replicate the script without luck. It seems to use something like a complementary filter that relies on samples of gyro and accel data over time. This is something I don't know how to do in freepie in any meaningful way.

This is the closest I got, and is great for movements with periodic resting. It uses gyro data and compares it with 3 time stamps of accel data over a period of 100 ms. If the accel time stamps are similar for 200 ms, it means the wiimote is relatively still. If this is the case, then the gyro roll information is discarded, and the new gyro roll become what the accel roll is. This is how I deal with the drift of the gyro. I know the code looks horrible, I'm a newbie. There is leftover pieces of the complementary filter in this code as I tried several version of ideas trying to implement it. I eventually just gave up as a true complementary filter would be the best option. This leftover code doesn't impact the function much.

def update():
   global roll
   global trigger1
   global trigger2
   global trigger3
   global pitchAcc1
   global pitchAcc2
   global pitchAcc3
   global pitch
   global roll
   global rotation_drift_offset[0].ahrs.roll), -180, 180, 0, 0))

   #roll = math.degrees(math.atan2(-wiimote[0].acceleration.x, -wiimote[0].acceleration.z) + math.pi)
   #angle = 0.98 * (roll + wiimote[0].ahrs.roll * 0.01)   
   yaw = wiimote[0].ahrs.yaw
   pitch = wiimote[0].ahrs.pitch
   roll = wiimote[0].ahrs.roll - rotation_drift_offset

   if filters.stopWatch((trigger1 == True), 2):
      pitchAcc1 = math.atan2(wiimote[0].acceleration.x, wiimote[0].acceleration.z) *180 / 3.14159265359
      trigger2 = True
      trigger1 = False
   if filters.stopWatch((trigger2 == True), 50):
      pitchAcc2 = math.atan2(wiimote[0].acceleration.x, wiimote[0].acceleration.z) *180 / 3.14159265359
      trigger3 = True
      trigger2 = False
   if filters.stopWatch((trigger3 == True), 100):
      pitchAcc3 = math.atan2(wiimote[0].acceleration.x, wiimote[0].acceleration.z) *180 / 3.14159265359
      trigger1 = True
      trigger3 = False   

   pitchAcc = (pitchAcc1 + pitchAcc2 + pitchAcc3)/ 3
   if filters.stopWatch(((pitchAcc2 + 1 >= pitchAcc1) and (pitchAcc1 + 2 >= pitchAcc2) and (pitchAcc3 + 1 >= pitchAcc1) and  (pitchAcc1 + 2 >= pitchAcc3)), 200):
      rotation_drift_offset = wiimote[0].ahrs.roll - pitchAcc
   #roll = 0.98 * (pitchAcc + wiimote[0].ahrs.roll * 0.01) + (wiimote[0].acceleration.x * 0.02)
   roll = roll * 0.98 + pitchAcc * 0.04
   x = filters.deadband(,0.01)* mouse_sensitivity
   y = filters.deadband(,0.01)* mouse_sensitivity
   if wiimote[0].buttons.button_down(WiimoteButtons.A):
      mouse.deltaX = math.cos(math.radians(roll))*x -math.sin(math.radians(roll))*y;
      mouse.deltaY = math.sin(math.radians(roll))*x +math.cos(math.radians(roll))*y;

if starting:
   rotation_drift_offset = 0
   roll = 0
   pitch = 0
   trigger1 = True
   trigger2 = 0
   trigger3 = 0
   pitchAcc1 = 0
   pitchAcc2 = 0
   pitchAcc3 = 0
   roll = 0
   mouse_sensitivity = 10
   system.threadExecutionInterval = 2
   wiimote[0].motionplus.update += update
   wiimote[0].enable(WiimoteCapabilities.MotionPlus | WiimoteCapabilities.MotionPlus)

Thu May 03, 2018 12:37 am
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