PSMove as a lightgun via mouse emulation.

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PSMove as a lightgun via mouse emulation.

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Hi all,

Please go easy on me, I'm new to FreePIE. :)

I am trying to use my PSMoves as lightguns via mouse emulation for use in games (emulators mainly). Other light gun options arent that great and I think that the psmove could make a good one due to its accuracy (plus the abundance of gun style cases). I have PSMoveService, PSMoveFreepieBridge and FreePIE working (1x psmove, 1x ps3eyecamera w/libusb driver and no nav controller), and I am able to use the psmove as a mouse with the the script that is bundled with PSMoveFreePieBrifge, but the movement is not relative to where I am pointing the psmove - if I move the controller from center to the edge of the tv the cursor will only move a fraction of that distance. I have also tried this script, but I get erratic movement with alot of jitter (I have tried altering values with the square, triangle and circle buttons, but they do not help)

Does anyone have any advice or scripts to configure the psmove as a 1:1 pointing device? (not sure if thats the right term, but I want to have the mouse at the location where the psmove is pointing at the tv, as though I was using a light gun... hope that makes sense)

Thanks for reading - any help is greatly appreciated!

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