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Generic joystick plugin

Posted: Tue Aug 28, 2012 12:39 pm
by CyberVillain
I pushed a Generic joystick plugin to Github. It should work with all DX joysticks and gamepads and wheels out there

Btw, the code you are using brantlew uses the SlimDX.XInput namepace which is a xbox360 controller namespace, so that code will never work with a generic DX device.. So you can keep it as it is, though think about supporting multile devices conneted

Re: Generic joystick plugin

Posted: Wed Aug 29, 2012 12:44 am
by CyberVillain
Another sleepless and fruitless night, I tried to get SlimDX to create forcefeedback effects and send them to the gamepad (Good if you want to create a VR gun or a rumblepack for your chest and back when you get shot).

But I failed to get it to work, and there is virtually no working examples or code out there, there is some old managed DX code on the net, but the forcefeedback part of SlimDX is pretty far away from the old syntax in Managed DX.

If someone wants to give it a go a good start is probably here (Managed DX code, ugly written but better than nothing) ... ed-DirectX

Some SlimDX code, nothing that works though ... -question/

A forcefeedback tool written in SlimDX which doesn't work either