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motionplus + freepie + vjoy

Post by Terramoto »


I've recently found this platform and have installed everything and i've now been searching for a way to setup the wiimote + motion plus with a vjoy with all the capabilities (gyro, buttons, ir) unfortunately most of the scrips i've found only include d-pad and buttons or use wiimote accelaration values (without motionplus data). Is there any script out there that would pass all the features from Wiimote to a vjoy?

With wiimotehook i get a fluid behaviour from the wiimote but with freepie library the values are unstable and don't look like its using the motionplus extension.

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Re: motionplus + freepie + vjoy

Post by RAJ-rios »

Hi Terramoto,
I don't know if you're still hoping for an answer here but for anybody who comes across your post looking for the same, FreePIE doesn't currently support the wiimote iR capabilities. Without that feature being added or a plugin being written, you will not be able to pass all data from FreePIE to anywhere, as it can't see it itself.

Wiimotehook does indeed do a fantastic job, which can be viewed in real-time with PadTest. Wiimotehook is limited to only one motion plus controller connected at a time though.

@kerm64 wrote a script in FreePIE using the motion+ gyro data, you can use her script here ... WE1UFUxMWM as a template to get all the inputs you want to work with.

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