New type of precision LIDAR being developed

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New type of precision LIDAR being developed

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There are some very advanced developments in LIDAR being made.

This method looks promising for 3D capture of scenes with extremely high fidelity.
Computational method improves the resolution of time-of-flight depth sensors 1,000-fold

For the past 10 years, the Camera Culture group at MIT's Media Lab has been developing innovative imaging systems—from a camera that can see around corners to one that can read text in closed books—by using "time of flight," an approach that gauges distance by measuring the time it takes light projected into a scene to bounce back to a sensor.

In a new paper appearing in IEEE Access, members of the Camera Culture group present a new approach to time-of-flight imaging that increases its depth resolution 1,000-fold.
Story and research paper published here: - ... nsors.html


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