OSVR device plugin for Intel RealSense R200 camera

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OSVR device plugin for Intel RealSense R200 camera

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I developed an open-source OSVR plugin for the Intel RealSense R200 camera and I put the source code on GitHub. It uses the Scene Perception feature of the Intel RealSense SDK to generate a 3D model of the scene in real-time and calculates the camera pose (position and orientation) from that. If you stick the R200 to a custom made HMD, it basically gives the pose of the HMD without using any external stationary emitters/cameras. This is a very basic implementation based on the OSVR and Intel RealSense SDKs samples.

It currently requires the developer version of the camera but the camera will eventually appear in commercial products (laptops, tablets, HMDs, AR glasses).
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