upgrade to cv1 w/touch or get ps move?

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what seem like the best option?

cv1 w/touch controls
ps move setup
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upgrade to cv1 w/touch or get ps move?

Post by fatboynate2 »

well this question is being asked again but this time its for more than just whats better.

here are some things to think about before giving an answer.

ps move:
can be used with accessories such as guns and sports addons.
can be use for dolphin instead of wii remotes.
can be used as light gun.
can be used in virtual instrument software, eg. drum kits and guitar/s.
can be used outside of vr for head tracking, and security (my own software that tracks the ps move on the door and disables the network connections and logs out of the computer when the camera loses sight of the controller)
can be used with ps3 and ps4.
cost for 2 ps move controllers + 2 cameras, ps move navigation controller, ps move sharpshooter, pistolx2 and sports addons costs brand new £140 with next day delivery

oculus touch:
works for vr via steam and oculus store afaik this is the only uses for these.
cost for the hesadset and controller setup costs £399 + shipping costs

my questions is, are the cv1 w/ touch controllers even worth the money if u have a dk2 and ps move setup which can be used for far more than just vr and fun gaming/software solutions.

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Re: upgrade to cv1 w/touch or get ps move?

Post by cybereality »

Rift w/ Touch is much better than any DIY solution, especially when you consider the software support. No good reason not to get in on the sale.

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