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Where are we are building our own headsets?

Posted: Wed Jul 06, 2016 10:21 pm
by dasflux
I found you guys here.

I seen some of you have already done this. Last night I asked someone on reddit about this and was told I was absurd. With how quickly the diy 3d printers and the quadcopter market came to fruition, i was a bit suprised I have not seen more DIY ventures into this realm yet. But also I don't keep up with VR development much. So I should not. BUT I am quite interested. I am a bit of a nature fanboy. While VR is really cool. I question how seductive this would be to a person.

So where are we at on this? I want VR. I know im not buying anything first generation. I am wondering by the time the second wave roles out if I will be able to build something with better specs at the same price point. It should be noted I have an addiction of building and creating things. So... lol. I could see some people rigging these cheap FPV goggles into vr. ... 2_Pro.html