Dolphin Emulator and 3D / Virtual Reality

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Which stereoscopic 3D solution do you primarily use?: S-3D desktop monitor

Dolphin Emulator and 3D / Virtual Reality

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Dolphin 5.0 - the latest emulator for Nintendo Console Games from the Wii era and before - has recently been released.

It has implemented stereoscopic and virtual reality features which did not exist in the original games.

For further information on its development and status read this:
Dolphin 5.0 Release

3D Stereoscopic Output (See A Second Perspective for details)

Dolphin has had forays into 3D Stereoscopic output before, but it hasn't worked out very well. Using outdated methods that often relied on a stark loss of image quality (and ran at half the framerate!), 3D Stereoscopic Output was dropped shortly after the 4.0 release. Armed with the knowledge and documentation of modern 3D devices, Armada went through and reimplemented Stereoscopic output from the ground up. This time around, users don't have to choose between crisp colors and fluid framerate or stereoscopic 3D. Dolphin's new and improved stereoscopic 3D support can interface with Top/Bottom and Side-by-Side monitors, and in D3D will still work with NVIDIA 3D Vision. ... 0-release/
A Second Perspective: An In-Depth History of Stereoscopy in Dolphin ... rspective/

A special mention to Nvidia in the article.

This Best Practices Guide is intended to help developers deliver the best possible stereoscopic 3D experience to their users. It contains an overview of how the NVIDIA® 3D Vision® Automatic technology fits into existing technology stacks, common problems that arise when using 3D Vision Automatic, and how to easily work around those issues. ... omatic.pdf


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