Sample HTC VIVE app. VRGateway.

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Sample HTC VIVE app. VRGateway.

Post by shsan »

Hi everybody,

If you are interested I have posted on Github a small sample application I have been working on.
It is mainly an exercise for me to learn the OpenVR SDK and also the Windows Desktop Duplication API so nothing fantastic.
But the code is there and people can have a look.

Two main usages.
The fun one. The app can interface with a custom PPSSPP (PSP Emulator) to play Taiko no Tatsujin on a virtual drum while the PSP game is displayed on giant VR Screen. Might still need tweaking a bit but it is fun :)

The second one is basically capturing VLC and again displaying it in VR on a huge screen (Adjustable). The interesting part here is that displaying a Side by Side 3D Video in VLC can be used to see the movie in 3D in the VIVE. Ok I can't watch more than 10 minutes without sweating like crazy in the Japanese summer but people in cooler region of the world might find it usable ;)

Anyway have a look if interested. More details there.

Don't hesitate to contact me for questions.

I do intend to add support for Patapon on the PPSSPP with 4 smaller drums too and I was considering doing a version with a PS2 emulator and Dance Dance Revolution with the controllers attached to the legs :D

Have a nice VR day :)


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