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TrackIR OSVR device plugin
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Author:  Tril [ Sun Mar 13, 2016 1:16 am ]
Post subject:  TrackIR OSVR device plugin

I developed an open-source TrackIR OSVR device plugin and I put the source code on GitHub. The plugin is called TrackerV2-OSVR, it's a work in progress and I'll improve it over time. It's a plugin for OSVR server that allows to use TrackIR with OSVR clients. Basically, it's designed to add TrackIR support to games that support OSVR. I've only seen a few projects using OSVR for now but as VR is growing in popularity, there's bound to be more in the future.

OSVR is an open-source project hosted on GitHub. You can find a good writeup about OSVR here. Basically, the aim of OSVR is to provide a middleware between game engines and hardware. OSVR provides high-level interfaces to hardware (head tracker, hand tracker, eye tracker, display, etc.). For the game developer, that makes it easy and fast to develop because he does not have to develop custom code for each hardware. If the developer wants to use head tracking, he just has to use the Tracker interface and configure it for head tracking. It also means that games can be updated for new hardware without having to recompile the game. For example, the display interface includes settings for resolution, fov, distortion and more. That means that if a game using OSVR is released today and a new HMD is released in a year, the game can be made compatible with the new HMD by simply developping a new device plugin for the HMD.

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