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 Extreme depth on projectors - naming contest! ... 4 fun 
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I want to coin a new term, both extreme and depth are hard on the tongue.
But I tought about a new one last day! And instead using it to criticise&mock other ppl's rigs ( 3d lcd), I think it fits here perfectly.

So the term is.
Scary-O 3D

-Let me know :D

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Tue Aug 31, 2010 2:41 am
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I like that Scary-O and is termed pretty well considering thats a round about way of what stereo3d gives. Makes the polygons seems real and the graphics are scary in 3d. The fact though for me, is I like the term "SEME" Stereo Entertainment Multimedia Enviroment. That would be a finished product and enhancing.

what I am looking for a game enviroment that has the dollhouse effect without the double depth. Why cannot we go into -negative depth and why does the camera not space or move away farther with more accurate adjustments on the keyboard. Just seem like on my setup the depth and convergence is nothing to even bother with. This is for a few game since theres not that many 3d games and the rest are bogus 3d nvidia conversions. Man they sure skimped on the settings thinking users are ok with a 1mm difference.

I also have blu-ray 3d and its superior to gaming as I see now. Those 3d driver programmers at nvidia and the studios need a real enthusiast to work for them and tinker with the possibilites. They just don't get it yet just lame depth and 3d effects from nvidia so far and it ain't the display to concern its the software. I can watch a blu-ray 3d on a 800x600 projector and is crystal clear just not as big. 1080p, 720p is great but whats the sense if the coding is not there for gaming and all you have to do is watch in 2d anyways cause the 3d companies cannot bring out a real system 3d software drivers or support for enhanced 3d only a passay "let me see if I can get this to work" or does it work better facture. They need a whole new system for delivering 3d effects as a set feature in their control panel. I would absolutly love that they do this making the games they support able to adjust each parameter specifically to achieve a clear 3d picture with inset lighting, object convergence, backplane 3dspread, -negative depth, congergence crossweave for pop out, shawdow games detection, scene dollhouse effects, motion enhanced game 3d Fov detections - in-out-side convergence clarity, Z plane accuracy with objects and character giant patterns measured properly, along with backout screen adjusting for alieviating the double screen crosseyed mess. They are missing all this why?

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Thu Sep 02, 2010 12:06 pm
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Vomit-3d? I know if I push the depth setting up more than 50% on my projector in some games I get nauseous within seconds.

Negative depth doesn't work too well because of depth of focus. Your eyes are still focusing on the screen surface, so your vision tends to compensate and even if the stereoscopic effect puts the image way out of the screen, the focus kind of overrides it and your brain compensates. Playing with convergence should pop foreground objects out of the screen, but really doesn't.
The only case I've seen where things really pop out much is if they aren't in the center of your vision. Putting out of focus blur on them helps as well. I've noticed this on tree branches, etc in a few games.

Fri Oct 22, 2010 7:59 am
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