Help Choosing my first 3D TV / MONITOR

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Help Choosing my first 3D TV / MONITOR

Post by daitrialz »

Hi all,

I'm looking to buy a 3D monitor for my bedroom and ma considering the LG DM2350D

The Qualities im looking for are follows:

AT least 22" TV
FULL HD 1080p
Ability to make 2D into 3D
To be able to play half and full SBS movies from my ASUS G73JW (Craziest buy of my life) and from USB

I think this TV can do all that but I would like this confirmed as I read on one site It can't actually support 3d files from usb or pc's ponly from blu ray and another site said it can!?
Maybe its been fixed in a driver update or something, but if anyonehas one can they confirm this?

My other question is, being on a 200 quid budget is this TV my only option? Is it any Good?
I know I want a passive 3D TV for the bedroom, It will be used with a Virgin media HD Box, for some PS3 gaming and mainly for watching SBS files from PC!

Any help apprichiated. It's my first post so take it easy on me. This is my first 3D Purchase of any kind :)


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Re: Help Choosing my first 3D TV / MONITOR

Post by cybereality »

I would watch out for that model. I think some people got the wrong glasses with it and had to go through a customer support headache to get the correct ones. ... 45&p=73287 ... 02&p=70175

Haven't seen too many of the passive HDTVs, so I can't really comment on which is best. The LG would probably be OK, if you get the correct glasses...

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