what is the smallest 3D monitor/TV with 3D glasses?

120Hz or Polarized, this is the place to share your findings on what's out there!
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what is the smallest 3D monitor/TV with 3D glasses?

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if someone would find me a monitor like one of these two below it will save me redesigning my concrete wall! i will owe him whatever he'll want! seriously!

i need one of these two:
1. smallest 3D monitor or TV? (with glasses)
2. smallest monitor or TV with vertical refresh rate of 120Hz (with glasses)

or maybe these monitors do not exist smaller than 22"?
i need to fit a monitor or TV inside my designated wall crack, the 22"-23" standard screens wont fit, i think i need something like 15-21" in diagonal monitor but 120hz capable. (the crack is 17.5" wide)

would very much appreciate if anybody could help me out of his experience because it can't be found in any amazon/ebat etc.


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