Impressive Blueray Results LG D2342P

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Impressive Blueray Results LG D2342P

Post by Dilip »

Well kinda wired topic TITLE!

like to draw attention from all D2342P users so.....

I have noticed one amazing thing last day i brought 3 Blueray and watched with Tridef Media Player

1) Avatar
2) Pirnha
3) RIO

i Seat 1 Feet away from my LG monitor and when i play game in most of the games except Dead Space and Dead Space 2 i have clearly seen interleaved lines throgh screen (Horizontal black)

A wonderful surprize was AVATAR in whole moview i was not able to see the Lines same was in PIRANHA

I have tried to go too close (10 CM) and i noticed but they were very very thin( Hows possible??) much surprised as in games they were visible from 1 feet ok not so distracting but yes they were visible but in movies nop they were simply invisible

I wonder why if i run games on 1920X1080 i can see lines but in same resolution 1080P blueray Movie i don see them at all at same distance???

Does it have anything to do with animation ( Ok i have little noticed lines in RIO but they were surely very faint then those are in game) and real shooting or its beacouse that game don actully generate 1080P scene instead enlarge the small scene by streching/Upscaling (Fit to screen) ( i have noticed this with games like SOUL REAVER 2 where there is visibly poor quality of texture if you go in 1920X1080 mode which was officially there) but in todays time it must not be the case then WHY??

Like to know from other people if they experienced same on this monitor

( I was using same cable as blueray drive attached to SATA in my CPU so i have not used any different cable when i watched movies)

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