2 things: TV and software for massive volume?

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2 things: TV and software for massive volume?

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Do any of the 3D HDTVs or Holho (and related) projects for tablets and mobile phones have the inverted pyramid - the four sides of plastic that are necessary to view a hologram - as part of the screen, that simply lifts when users tap a button? If all these products require additional attachments so the user has to switch from 2D viewing, then attach something for 3D viewing after turning your TV horizontally, etc. etc. --seems like that is what is slowing the growth of this awesome tech; no? Why doesn't Google and Apple let users order custom-produced LCD's on their devices, like Dell did with hard drives but pre-Dell Hell? It's not like the material they use can't be modified. If Google and Apple don't allow this, are there other companies or tech firms that do?

I'm also currently screening programmers that will help me build a 3D hologram website. The catch is: what software would the experts on this forum recommend?

Tech Smith - Camtasia Studio: this program will let users make their own 3D hologram video but it's...complicated, lots of steps, details, etc. and I need it to be a one-click product.
Adobe Premier Elements - this could work but I imagine I'd need ot work out some type of licensing agreement w/ Adobe, to handle the volume.

I'm sure there's many more software programs that let users create 3D hologram videos (any suggestions?) but I'm looking for the software that experts here use to quickly produce hologram videos and can be integrated into a stand-alone website (so that Adobe / Camtasia woudln't be explicitly visual to ever visiting user.

THANK YOU in advance!

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