Is anyone able to succesfully run AMD3D on an 3DTV?

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Is anyone able to succesfully run AMD3D on an 3DTV?

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If so, please post here and post your setup.

I have a Samsung LED 3D TV and had nothing but problems trying to get AMD HD3D to work properly (as others have) with IZ3D drivers. IZ3D and AMD3D is a real pain in the ass just to get a visible image (have to tinker with desktop settings AND game settings), whereas Tri-def just works. However I'm getting a strange synchronization behavior with IZ3D and games added manually with Tri-def, there is "distortion" or wavy effect whenever the camera/player moves, which hurts the eyes. I think its a vsync issue, but it occurs with vysnc forced on or off (in both windows settings and in game).

I'm basically ready to shuffle around hardware and software to get 1080p full HD 3D gaming on my 3DTV, instead of forced to rely on side by side. If that means buying Geforce hardware and 3DTV play, so be it. I just need a proper working solution for my expensive Samsung LED 3DTV.

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Re: Is anyone able to succesfully run AMD3D on an 3DTV?

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There isn't currently a way to get full 1080P 3D on HDTVs. That is only possible right now with 120Hz monitors, NOT HDTVs. HDTV is limited by HDMI 1.4a to 720P @ 60Hz for gaming (though 1080P is possible for movies at 24Hz). So with AMD HD3D or Nvidia 3DTV Play you will only get 720P frame-packed, which may or may not look better than 1080P side-by-side. I have not seen this "distortion" you talk about. Maybe you can see if you can disable "Tru-Motion" or anything like that on the TV.

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Re: Is anyone able to succesfully run AMD3D on an 3DTV?

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I play it and yes you can play with 720p HD3D but I found that top-bottom SBS is better for gaming and 3D is just as good. But to play it you will need DDD tridef. If you need any more help just ask ? For the distortion effect either set you vsync to on or reinstall, update your drivers. I had this problem and I believe that upgrading to 12.6 fixed it.

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