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Vizio?/lg passive interlaced over hdmi fix here!

Posted: Fri Jul 15, 2011 4:32 am
by butmunch
I'm pretty sure this fix applys to everybody with a vizio or lg passive, the fix has been tested as working on a lg ld950 and LG 55LW5600.

The problem we have is that interlaced and checkerboard have a color bug that creates ghosting when using hdmi, there is no ghosting in interlaced over vga but then the 3d options become unusable so we can't select checkerboard ect, wth using a vga cable we are stuck with interlaced only!

Now i stumbled upon this fix but there is alot of room left for tweaking as i have just opened the floodgates.

Now to the fix.

If we delete the edid extension bloc and reload the monitors modified inf then interlaced works over hdmi with zero color/ghosting bug!
But deleting the extension bloc then creates another problem, hdmi 1.4 stops working so 3dtvplay/amd hd3d no longer works, to fix this we need to swap between original and modified inf.

Now if we can fix interlaced over hdmi by deleting the extension bloc then there is something in there that's stopping interlaced working over hdmi, maybe somebody with some brains and a lg or possibly vizio can get to work on a modified inf that does'nt delete the extension bloc and leaves interlaced and amd hd3d working allso.

Even though interlaced is fixed over hdmi once we try checkerboard and switch the 3d option for it on our 3dtv's then color/ghosting bug is present again, so allthough we have interlaced fixed checkerboard still has issues, we are one step closer.

This pic shows the where you will need tobe todo the mod. To install just do the following
Device manager > monitor-update driver software > browse my computer for software > let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer > have disc > browse to your modified edid- ok > now if the correct driver does'nt show then de-tick show compatible hardware, this will be on the same window > manufacturer-LGE - LGE LG TV gsm00??? > double click that > driver installs > reboot.

To modify your own edid and to delete it's extension i used the following tut that i found on my quest for proper working 3d with lg passive, it's for linux but there is abit about windows so just follow that bit, you will need " pheonix edid designer and moninfo to create the inf ", use pheonix to change the 1 to a 0 for extensions " and then use moninfo to load the .dat file and to create the inf.
Fixing Ugly DVI/HDMI Displays due to EDID bugs on nVidia drivers
The good news: nVidia finally released their much awaited 173.14.09 video driver for linux. This officially supports the 2.6.25 kernel and supports the newest line of GeForce graphics cards.

The bad news: When you install the driver your HDMI/DVI digital flatpanel display looks horrible; the text looks jagged or blurred or oversharpened. There are halos and ringing anywhere there is contrast. The colors looked washed out and over bright. However, when you use the D-SUB (VGA) plug, everything works fine.

What is going on?

What is happening: Your monitor is providing EDID information to the driver that identifies that it is actually a TV. EDID stands for "extended display identification data" its a low level standard originally devised in 1994 that is basically a set a flags that tells the computer what the monitors capabilities are. The nVidia drivers see that you have a TV and decide to modify the signal in an attempt to make the picture look 'better' it also sometimes forces the output resolution to the standard TV resolutions (1080p/i, 720p, 480p/i).

How to fix it: You need to provide the nVidia driver with a new set of EDID flags. Specifically you need to change a single field so that the EDID does not report any extensions. Don't worry no soldering iron or hardware mods are required.

First, obtain a copy of your monitor's current EDID information. This can be done with the read-edid utility. However, it is apparently limited to x86-32. Since our network only has x86-64 systems, I had to resort to plugging the monitor into a Windows box and using Phoenix EDID Designer. Phoenix EDID Designer is both an EDID editor and a reader. You want to save the raw binary EDID information.

Now that you have your EDID information, you need to clear the extensions flag and update the checksum. If you are using the Phoenix EDID Designer, you can just change the field 'Number of extensions' in the General tab to 0. If you used read-edid or nvidia-settings to get your EDID, then you can use edid_disable_exts. It is a small utility that I wrote that does the same thing. See the page dedicated to it for more information.
if you would just like to use my edid then this is a stock lg edid that i got from a lg ld950 and i have just deleted the extension block.

This link is for a post over at avsforum, the skyguy3d has a 2011 lg model that has working interlaced

Re: Vizio?/lg passive interlaced over hdmi fix here!

Posted: Sat Jul 16, 2011 12:06 am
by cybereality
Can you post more detailed instructions on how to do this? I don't quite follow what you are saying. Please upload any necessary files here (don't link, use the upload attachment functionality below the post box). Thanks.

Re: Vizio?/lg passive interlaced over hdmi fix here!

Posted: Sat Jul 16, 2011 2:52 am
by butmunch
This is a quick quote from another forum, i posted this awhile back and it shows the color ghosting of checkerboard, do'nt need to show interlaced ghosting as its 100% the same as checkerboard ghosting.
As you can see in the 100% depth with 3dtvplay there is zero ghosting, using a sammy c750 these images would of been full of ghosting.
However there is still a very small amount of ghosting in the odd place, and do mean a very small amount!


I cannot get bluray 3d working or checkerboard, its very sad that i have this problem, new pics are from Monsters vs Aliens .
* 3d bluray now working using arcsoft to output 3dvision 30hz page flipping, looks just the same now as sbs content *

Without glasses

With glasses


For me allso i'm having a terrible time with checkerboard, the artifacts are present in checkerboard gaming are present in 3d bluray aswelll making them all unwatchable, still anything SbS plays perfect, wether thats games or films.

Checkerboard through glasses

3dtvplay 100% depth no glasses

3dtvplay 100% Depth through glasses

As you can see checkerboard gives terrible 3d performance, silly me forgot to take a picture in the same place so i used the next high contrst shot a few more min into Bulletstorm.
3dtplay is at 100% depth and there is zero ghosting, love it!

Re: Vizio?/lg passive interlaced over hdmi fix here!

Posted: Sat Jul 16, 2011 3:11 am
by butmunch
cybereality wrote:Can you post more detailed instructions on how to do this? I don't quite follow what you are saying. Please upload any necessary files here (don't link, use the upload attachment functionality below the post box). Thanks.
Is that acceptable?
Sadly my english sucks even though i'm english.

I'm happy to let you edit my posts to make them more readable.

Do you understand what the fix is for these 3dtv's?

The edid extension block holds the info on 3d specs and res's ect, deleting this info makes interlaced work with the said 3dtv's but stops hdmi 1.4 from working , aka 3dtvplay and amd hd3d as the edid 1.4 spec has been deleted.

Re: Vizio?/lg passive interlaced over hdmi fix here!

Posted: Sat Jul 16, 2011 3:20 am
by butmunch
skyguy3d;20623124 wrote:I've been testing my LG 55LW5600 tv for ghosting test and it does well for frame-packing mode and Side by Side mode but it does not pass the Interleave native mode and checkerboard mode of the TV.

As you know, the LG TV screen film pattern retarder is divided into 1080 lines vertically, 540 lines are delivered to the left eye, and 540 lines are delivered to the right eye. So when you use software that sends the information to the screen aligned to the FPR, the effect of 3D should be shown on the screen similar to previous computer 3d monitor such as the Zalman 22 inch passive display.

The problem is that there is some video processing that occurs or the calibration of the tv is not tuned correctly and the user of such mode gets too much ghosting.

There are many different ways to reproduce this ghosting. I will show two different ways to display this problem.

Method 1) Watching movies
The first way is to playback an mkv of a movie or 3d clip in Stereoscopic player in Interleave mode Left line first and watch the scene for ghosting and then compare it to Side by Side mode and you will see there is no ghosting in Side by Side. The same can be done when using 3D DLP mode in the option which is checkerboard mode.

Method 2) Playing Games
This method can be recreated by using my guide at

I will sum it up here. Basically, with the IZ3D drivers set to Interleaved Mode, the game should display 540 lines to the left eye, and 540 lines to the right eye. The game will show a 3d effect with ghosting that does not occur when I set the 3D drivers to Side by Side mode. When I set it to 3D DLP mode, again checkerboard mode, I also see 3D but there is even more ghosting in this mode compared to Interleaved mode.

Most users that watch Blu Ray 3D or TV will not see this ghosting because they are encoded in HDMI 1.4a Frame-packing mode or Side by Side mode.

I know that Vizio passive 3D users have this problem too because I checked with other users to see if they had the same ghosting in Interleave mode. The problems are all within the scope of the FPR TV so maybe there can be someone at LG that can look into this since they are the manufacturers of this FPR technology.

I am including ghosting test that I recorded in a dark room for Side by Side mode, notice no ghosting in this test. I am using the left lens of the glasses to look for ghosting. ... r_embedded" onclick=";return false;

And here are the test in Checkerboard mode that show the information seen from the left lens only and shows the ghosting that is not resolved fully." onclick=";return false;

Now in my guide, there is some good news in how to reduce the ghosting in Interleave mode using ISF Expert 1 calibrations but the first problem with this mode is now the game will have lag input because PC mode removes lag input for devices like controllers and mice but ISF mode does not help with ghosting in PC mode.

I hope that LG will look into this matter ASAP.