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 outputs for Ignition-2.4.6 (part of Tridef-3d-4.1.3) 
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for Tridef Ignition version 2.4.6, these are the outputs supported:
(Ignition 2.4.6 is part of Tridef Experience - Tridef-3d-4.1.3)

by Manufacturer:

Colored glasses - amber/blue, green/purple, red/cyan (half-color and B&W options)

Dimension Tech - horizontal interlaced (1280x1024)

Hyundai - horizontal interlaced (various wide-format res.)

Sharp - vertical interlaced (1024x768 standard res but others work too)

Samsung - checkerboard + reversed (any res, set it to your TV's preferred)

standard display types - see below

standard display types include

anaglyph (red/cyan)
dual projection (primary out = left view) + reversed (not mirrored, just like an output swap)
line interlaced + reversed (horizontal)
left/right side by side + reversed (on one screen, squashed)
Page-Flipped - OpenGL Stereo (quad buffer like iZ3D's)

An extra mode: Over/Under

Using this is odd, it's not listed in the control panel output selection screen.
Start your game in some other 3d mode (any that works for you) and then use Tridef's on-screen menu system and select "Window and Cursor", then you can cycle output from "normal" to "above/below" and "below/above" and back to "normal" again. It's odd but that's how they did it for some reason. Unfortunately, I don't see any way to do gap control between the images like in iZ3D's driver so using a sync-doubling mode on a CRT would still be a problem. Maybe they did it to help people record videos.

Summarizing: Tridef's driver can do

horizontal or vertical interlacing at any resolution
checkerboard 3d output at any res. (aka diagonal interlacing)
side-by-side squashed and over-under squashed - but no gap-control
left/right dual output - but no mirroring options
any of the above with left/right image locations swapped (reversed)

no mirrored modes that I can find.
no DirectX blue-line-code or simple alternating frame shutterglass mode (only OpenGL quad buffer support for special apps that support that mode)

a little hint for people using interlaced-line-blanking on a CRT:
This driver has some great things about it including a way to get a better image on a CRT when using interlaced mode. Interlaced mode is normally ugly for reading text since every other line is missing from each eye but they've come up with a little trick that's on by default and what it is is a way to remap a lower res game onto a higher res display output. So if you set your game to 800x600, that's 600 horizontal lines generated by the game so normally each eye would see 300 lines of that, but if you set your desktop to 1600x1200 and then enable line-blanking, each eye sees 600 lines. Then start your game at 800x600 and the Tridef driver will take that res and remap it to 1600x1200 so that each eye now sees all 600 original lines generated by the game. Pretty slick, eh? Text is much easier to read and at that res, you don't see the interlacing except that it's darker than normal shutterglass viewing. The setting for this is called "force fullscreen resolution" and you find it in the Tridef in-game on-screen menu under "Window and Cursor". Also under that submenu is a "soft interlacing" option. Shut that off for crisper text.

That's it. Give this driver a chance if you can. I think it's the best one for auto-convergence although it doesn't have preset hotkeys for those times when you want to used fixed settings.

Bye now.

--- iondrive ---

Update: I've requested to Tridef that they provide shutterglass modes and mirrored dual output modes but no response yet.

System specs:
OS: 32-bit WinXP Home SP3
CPU: 3.2GHz Athlon 64 X2 6400
RAM: 800MHz 4GB dual channel mode
Video: geForce 8800GTS PCI-e, 640MB ram, driver 196.21

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Yeah, the Ignition drivers have a really nice feature set and display support. I just wish more games were supported.

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Mon Feb 15, 2010 11:43 am
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