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New 3DVision Ready monitor to replace old 2233RZ

Posted: Sat Oct 12, 2019 8:54 am
by Darkbluesky

I am trying to decide which monitor to buy after using a venerable 2233RZ (16:10 1680x1050) for years. After reading around (included here ... 81&t=23314) I have finally kept these two options:

Asus PG258Q 16:9 1080p 144Hz @ 3D
Asus PG27VQ 16:9 1440p 120Hz @ 3D

I have a Strix GTX1060 6Gb. So I am not asking for really high fps, but still a nice experience. You can guess the fps I use to play at.

Considering that it could be that no new 3D Ready monitors are released from now on, my final question is what is worth more?

A- PG258Q. Playing in 3D at 144Hz ( says the difference is worth) and in 2D up to 240Hz, and a more easy resolution for the GPU but to stay with a monitor a bit low in specs (resolution, size) looking at the future and a feeling of smaller screen (I really miss the 16:10 ratio)

B- PG27VQ. To have a more modern screen (resolution and curved surface) also a bigger one (the 27" will give me the monitor height I miss in 16:9 24" screens) but playing in 3D at "only" 120Hz and a higher resolution that will ask for an upgrade in the GPU (I could get a second hand Strix GTX1080, but nothing higher)

For years I used to play everything I could in 3D without any hint of headache or sickness, but a few years ago I started to feel a little sick after 1 hour or so, so I consider the 144Hz a nice thing (but I could be wrong, maybe the problem was ghosting with the old 2233RZ, or simply that I have to use prescription glasses when gaming, who knows…).

In face of these options what do you think would be more interesting, or what would you do? Let's see if I can get some inspiration from your comments, as I am in a closed circle right now.


Re: New 3DVision Ready monitor to replace old 2233RZ

Posted: Sat Oct 12, 2019 1:43 pm
by Porlonus
You are talking about ... -pg258q/8/ ?

I am a bit shocked that there is official 144Hz @ 3D support, did I miss that? (see f.e. from 2017 #1, #2. While the PG258Q was introduced 06.2016 But there are hardly any 3D reviews about that monitor.) Could anyone confirm this? (But the OSD Screen does look like it)

Concerning your sickness problems the 27" might be a bit bad too taking a look at the the test results (reading the text). You may also consider, that you can't use pivot with the 27" and have more than double the power consumption, probably also due to the Aura Lightning (that itself depends on your preferences). I can also remember, that the 27" devices had actually more of a problem of grid effect @ 3D. But I wouldn't know if that's true for this module. Of course the curved version and higher resolution/size do add to the immersion. Best would be a report from someone who had both of them, but I am not sure, if you'll (still) find one.
/EDIT: Your 1060 also might be bit of a problem, good enough for 1080p, but with 1440 .... also ... which CPU do you have, can be important @3D too EDIT/

At the very best if you can, get both, test them and, send the one you like less back (if your country or reseller do allow that). If you have a credit card and order after the next bill, it should be enough time to test and send it back.

Re: New 3DVision Ready monitor to replace old 2233RZ

Posted: Sat Oct 12, 2019 3:38 pm
by Darkbluesky
Thank you for the answer.

Yes I am talking about that review.

When you say the 27" might be bad […] (reading the text), which part of the PG27VQ review you mean ? When do you refer to 'pivot', do you mean it is not possible to put the screen in vertical position because is curved, it isn't?.

Here where I am I have both available to choose from.

BTW, my CPU is an i7-9700K @ 3.6GHz and I have 32 GB RAM @ 3200MHz (2 x Corsair DDR4 16Gb Sticks), what do you think?

I could do what you say, but I am afraid that if the reseller allows that it may have an stock of mild-faulty monitors people have returned until getting a good one, so I could enter in a time consuming returning loop. A thing I have to consider, I mean.

If someone could shed some more light...

Re: New 3DVision Ready monitor to replace old 2233RZ

Posted: Sat Oct 12, 2019 11:43 pm
by 3DNovice
Here's a list of 3D Vision monitors that are 3D Vision certified, there was a newer one, but I did not download it.

It was made by a poster at the old forum, John
List of 3D Vision Ready hardware.xlsx
I'd certainly recommend going with a 27 inch 1440P monitor to be future proof.

If you go 24, might as well go 1080P because the DPI will be high enough for a great image.

Re: New 3DVision Ready monitor to replace old 2233RZ

Posted: Sun Oct 13, 2019 5:40 am
by Porlonus
I do mean especially about the section called "Latenzzeit" and the "Gesamtlatenz", because latency is one important factor when it comes to ghosting.

I dunno if it's due to the curved display, if it would be a problem reading it. But yeah, it simply doesn't provide pivot, so you can't flip it to vertical position.

The CPU should be sufficient. But the problem with the GPU will be a topic for any of us. Without further driver support newer GPUs will be a problem. You can still get up to 2080TI (with a few restrictions #1, #2, #3) which should be fine in 1440p for now, but dunno how long it will hold. So if you plan to upgrade in a reasonable amount of time, it should be sufficient.

As for that timing loop - yeah but that could happen anyway if you just order 1 too. I mean I would at least expect it to generally work - see how immersion works out, if you do notice the grid @3D, performance (latency), etc. But dead pixel f.e. can always be a case or inhomogeneous lightning.