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3D Fix Manager created profile doesn't use Display Profile

Posted: Fri Oct 11, 2019 1:30 pm
by Shift-E
I am having an issue with 3D fix Manager and created profiles I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction. So I noticed 2 of my games are not being found by 3DFM: Ghost Recon Breakpoint, and Blair Witch. I have the correct paths, and all other games in the same folders are found and listed.

So I decided to follow the directions in the 3DFM guide (very helpful) and create fix profiles for each. The only reason I need them, is to use the "eye swap" functionality. I have a TV Display Profile set up with "reversed Line interlacing/Optimized for Geoforce (Passive TV)" format. This swaps the eyes while I have the application open, and I do not need to use another software running in the background etc. It was working great for me until these 2 games (I assume because they are not "real" recognized game profiles).

I noticed I had it set to "Allow Fix Profiles to Override Global Display Profle", so I unchecked that -- and it worked. once. then the next time I launched I was back to turning my glasses upside down. I have the Default profile on startup set to "TV". There doesn't seem to be a setting in the created profile for forcing a certain display output, I have everything else set to use global display settings.

I prefer to use 3DFM for eye swapping since I only need it for DX9, CM, and HDR games. Everything else TaB gives me a much better picture, so I like the flexibility of 3DFM for these special cases.