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 Fermi GPU - 3dtv play stopped working since 1809 Win 10 
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Hi Guys,

Trying to solve an issue I have with an old config on which I want to play old titles before I finally upgrade to something more recent.
I would really appreciate your help if you think there is anything to be done.

This is the situation:

- I have a 1809 Windows build but was not working with 1803 and staying off 1903 due to a Netlix stutter issue.
- Geforce 560 Ti with the latest 391.35 drivers, but old drivers don't do a much better job
- Plasma TV (so using 3dtv play)

Ever since 1809 I cannot manage to turn on the 3d with 3dtv play, the TV can not switch to 720p@60 3d or 1920p@24 3d resolutions.
It struggles and ends up seemingly have switched but there is no shuttering going on.

I tried going back to drivers dating back to 376 version with the only difference being that some games manage to turn on the shutter resolution
by me disabling full screen optimizations in the compatibility (Telltale's GOT series as an example).

So end of the day the solutions which I have are the following:
-upgrade my GPU and use it in an old system (we are talking core2duo and 6gb Ram), so heavy bottlenecking
-use only Tridef
-downgrade to Windows 8 just to be sure that this can be used (temporary solution and not my preferred one as I have a lot of software and reinstalling from
scratch is not something I am looking forward to)
-continue having given up on playing in 3d and maybe go back to it someday with a new PC, albeit Nvidia stopped support so dependent on fixes and new
community-driven driver.

Any input is appreciated, I saw on the Nvidia forums I am not alone in this, but the response I got was - why did you even upgrade from Windows 7, so not really helpful.

Fri Oct 25, 2019 4:00 am
Cross Eyed!

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Sounds like a fairly dated setup. At a minimum, I suggest buying a new SSD and creating a dual-boot setup, with Windows 7/8 on your new disk drive - a 3D Vision focused drive. A number of us are using dual (or more) boot configurations because of 425.31 driver/1809 version limitations. My second 3D display was a Panasonic VT25 plasma display - great colors/black levels, but VERY power hungry.

By the way, TriDef 1080p mode has better controller/keyboard lag performance than 3DTV Play 1080p mode, since TriDef allows Desktop to run at 60 fps (3DTV Play forces Desktop to run at 24 fps). 3DMigoto checkerboard mode found in more recent fixes removes the 24 fps limitation.

At some point, you might consider a full PC refresh capable of running Valveā€™s Index VR headset, and using HelixVision (see This type of VR setup is at least equivalent to a standard 1080p 3D setup (in my opinion), but needs at least 2080 GPU.

Sat Oct 26, 2019 7:24 am
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It is a dated setup indeed, but it was a fully working one before the Windows refresh and there were a couple of old titles I was looking forward to playing.
I just thought of asking in case someone knows a working solution before I buy a new GPU to use on an already dated system and with a now legacy driver for said GPU.

I remember back in the day when Nvidia ended 3d support the first time around, I was using Edimensional glasses and a CRT monitor back then, this gave the birth of iZ3d and Tridef drivers. I guess if HelixVision manages to incorporate a separate 3d injection driver it would be awesome for people with VR headsets, but it is a big if.
I have PSVR so I may use this to test when I get a new GPU as you don't need tracking of controllers anyway.

Btw isn't the 24 fps limitation same as the 1080p@24hz limitation, or are you talking about input delay enforced in 3d mode?
I played at 720p@60 with 3dvision as the plasma does not support checkerboard and SBS at 1080 is not an option with more recent titles.
The plasma is indeed a power hungry set but there is no smearing, which you can see even with OLEDs and the colors and contrast are awesome.

Sat Oct 26, 2019 11:45 am
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Ok, found a solution myself.

For anyone who may have this problem.

Install 376.33 drivers. This solves the switching to stereoscopic 3d resolution part. Now for the 3d part.

In C:\Program Files (x86)\NVIDIA Corporation\3D Vision


set them to disable fullscreen optimizations in properties->compatibility.

Enable Stereo 3d in Nvidia settings, the test will run fine in 3dtv play mode and others.

Do the same for all games. Some will work in fullscreen, others not.

For the ones that don't, download Borderless Gaming 9.5.6 and turn your desktop resolution to 720p@60 3d.

Start the game which has trouble switching to s-3d in game and set to windowed and turn s-3d with ctrl+t combo.

You may have the eyes flipped, and if this is the case run the TV 3d setting in reverse mode.

Select the game in Borderless Gaming Program and add to favorites, then right click and set to Full screen, auto maximize and hide windows taskbar.

Personally I have tested this with Dishonored, but I am sure it will work for other games with this issue too.

To block automatic driver updates for your GPU you may follow this guide.


Mon Oct 28, 2019 8:15 am
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