Neil has made a new Section for 3D-Fixes...

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Neil has made a new Section for 3D-Fixes...

Post by Losti »

.... so please switch discussions regarding 3D-Fixes to this section and keep the driver section clean :-)

THANK YOU "Neil" for this place !!!!!!!

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Re: Neil has made a new Section for 3D-Fixes...

Post by P.C.Zen »

Hey Losti :) I PM'd you about the new sub-forum. :D

It's actually my fault that the new sub-forum was added (I've addressed that here: ... 11#p165091)

...I messaged Neil to request it be added and he was very good to take time away from his busy schedule to add the new sub-forum, which was intended to be for people migrating from the old Nvidia forums...

...unfortunately it seems most people just want to keep posting to the existing "drivers" forum and aren't happy with the new sub-forum.

I thought it was a good idea, and that it was helping, seems it's not really done much good.

I've since spoken to Neil, and he's let me know that the Nvidia sub-section can be revised some time from mid-November onwards... currently, the existing forum layout is a temporary situation. Things will get merged and re-titled around mid-November, if not sooner.

I am working on getting the new forum rolled back (merged/deleted etc.) before November, but I don't personally have permissions or privileges at this site, so I'm dependant on admin/moderation staff to try and get things rolled back.

Thought I should post here just to let people know...'s been noted that the majority want all of the sub-forums merged and integrated into a single forum and this information has been passed on to Neil.

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