ShadowPlay SBS 3D output resolution?

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ShadowPlay SBS 3D output resolution?

Post by saucercrab »

Having trouble finding answers to this problem, even though I could swear I stumbled across a thread somewhere...

I've finally figured out how to get SBS3D footage out of Far Cry 4 (no thanks to TriDef) but have one last hurdle: the SBS images are squished to fit within the screen, and I cannot figure out how to get two HD-formatted images. (Tried all the Quality Settings under ShadowPlay's preferences). I've seen YouTube videos of people accomplishing this - with ShadowPlay, apparently - but am impatiently awaiting help.

I'm running the game in anaglyph 3D mode on a 2D monitor if that matters. ShadowPlay luckily still records in SBS3D, though I don't know if the lack of actual 3D hardware is what is defining my output resolution.

Any ideas? Thanks!

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Re: ShadowPlay SBS 3D output resolution?

Post by cybereality »

I haven't tried ShadowPlay, but I believe this is possible with FRAPS (at least it was a long time ago, haven't tested recently).

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