Where are the reviews of the new nVidia Vista drivers?

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Where are the reviews of the new nVidia Vista drivers?

Post by DickDastardly »

I've been kind of baffled by the absence of any reviews or detailed assessments of the long awaited new nVidia stereo drivers. Currently they're of zero use to me with my DLP + shutterglasses + XP setup, but I'm hoping eventually nVidia will wake up and extend support to XP and other stereo hardware solutions, so the quality of the new drivers is still of interest to me. If there's anyone out there with a Zalman monitor + Vista I'd love to hear your assessment of the drivers. I'm particularly interested in the following:

1. How do they compare with their predecessors in terms of the number of supported games? Most of the "leaked" beta drivers broke support for some games which formerly worked, are the new drivers any better in this respect?

2. Has the impact on frame rates improved? What kind of percentage loss is experienced when stereo is enabled?

3. What about new features: There was a very crude early implementation of an on-screen stereo settings display in one of the beta drivers I tried - has this been developed further? Any sign of an automatic convergence setting? Or the ability to set up multiple stereo profiles for a single game and switch between them with definable hotkeys, preferably with a pass-through option (so that, for example, you could have the drivers instantly switch to different convergence settings when you change from a virtual cockpit view to an external view in a flight sim)?

4. Has the laser-sight improved? This feature was always a bit hit and miss (no pun intended), working in some games and not others, and sometimes it significantly reduced frame rates. Is it more reliable now?

5. Is there any support at all for post-processing effects?


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Post by zoomin »

First off.. excellent pun
Secondly there seems to be vista beta driver feedback here if its what your looking for: http://www.mtbs3d.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?t=1141
Personally I installed the drivers to check compatability and they've actually been working great with Trackmania United and Call of Duty 4..
I dont know if its always been standard but the minimum close objects setting or something like that worked after setting it alt tabbing out and back in and i could have the gun out of the screen with the hud positioned perfectly..
crysis also worked but with the image jumping to the left and right repeatedly when I stood still... oh and a few BSOD's and Disply driver crashes
I cant comment on 3d quality becasue anyglyph hurts my eyes so badly....
Performance, well I didnt notice much drop in Trackmania but crysis and call of duty suffered on my 8800gtx... ive been hearing about 30% loss i think
It doesent appear to have any instant profile switching hotkeys either
And upon enabling all of the post processing effects in trackmania I lost the 3d effect, so im guessing theyve made no progress there
After just testing the laser-sight.. it didnt appear at all in call of duty but I guess that game is more about aiming down the sights.

On the otherhand the IZ3D driver does almost everything people could want apparently.. post processing, support from the team (In these forums no less) and makes pudding

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Post by bslee400 »

In the Zalman's web site, http://www.zalman.com/eng/main.asp, you can find out the game list which is supported by Zalman 3D monitor and VISTA driver.
All the games in the list work perfectly.
And also NVIDIA has solved Lasersight problem perfectly in the FPS games.

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Post by b4thman »

And what about the HUD divergence in most games..., is it solved?.

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