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 iZ3D version swapping and licensing issues 
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Hi all,

Version swapping: uninstall, then install

Sometimes we need to downgrade to an older driver version because it works better than the current driver. This thread is about both downgrading and upgrading issues. I've tried some things and screwed up my license and I'll talk about that later. Right now, the advice I have is that it's OK to "uninstall, then install" if you want to switch between drivers 1.10, 1.10b3, and 1.10rc1. Also, it's OK to choose either "yes" or "no" when asked "delete driver settings?" but you should probably choose "yes". None of these things screwed up my licenses. However, I did not try installing "on top" of a previous driver since I think it's usually a bad idea.

Regarding downgrading to version 1.09...

Do NOT downgrade your driver to 1.09 or it will screw up your license and you will have to recover from a backup (I don't think a restore point is good enough) or follow the instructions in the next post about how to recover from a screwed up license situation.

Question: When iZ3D issues a new driver version, should I install "on top" of the old version or uninstall/install?

I haven't gotten an answer from iZ3D yet but my experiences say uninstall, then install and if there's a problem, then use the "Update License" function at the iZ3D/ACEN webpage.

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Q: How can you recover from a screwed up license situation?

A: Use the iZ3D website's "Update License" function.
(this should work as long as hardware is the same as before)

If you've screwed up your license for whatever reason, try logging on to iZ3D's Activation Center (, looking at your orders, and then choosing the "Update License" option. Now you need a current "Site Code" and "Machine ID". Get those by Control-clicking on your iZ3D driver's Dynamic Test Logo after you've made sure the correct output is selected and enabled. Copy and Paste those 2 data items from your driver's window to the web-page text-boxes, check the checkbox "I don't have a valid removal code" and hit "Update License". You will then see your license data updated with a new Activation Code. Copy and Paste that into your driver's "Activation Code" input box after selecting the appropriate radio button and hit Continue. You should then see the dynamic 3d test logo and it should be working. Escape and Control-Click the Dynamic Test Logo again and you should see the word "Licensed" on the bottom right telling you that you are once again licensed. Hurray! On top now are new "Site Code" and "Machine ID" numbers both labelled "Next". I don't know what those are for and I think you can just ignore them. If you have more than one license that needs fixing, then rinse, lather, repeat.

1 ) Start the driver and select and enable the proper 3d output method
2 ) Control-click the iZ3D dynamic test logo
3 ) Start a web-browser and Login to iZ3D/ACEN and select "Orders"
4 ) Select your license, then "update"
5 ) Copy and Paste Site and MID data from driver to website
6 ) check "I don't have a valid removal code" and hit "Update"
7 ) Copy and Paste new Activation code from web page to driver and hit continue.
8 ) To verify license, escape dynamic test and Control-click it again.
9 ) repeat steps 1 - 8 for each license you have.
10 ) the most improtant step: enjoy stereo-3d!


Question: Does anybody know what "Extend License" means?

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Wed Mar 03, 2010 2:25 am
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I just wanted to mention two more things...

1 ) Multiple licenses on the same computer: no problem.

It's fine to have more than one output licensed for the same machine. No problems from this yet, nor do I expect any.

2 ) Swapping video cards: works for me.

So far I've had no licensing problems swapping video cards between a geForce 7800GTX and a geForce 8800GTS. Licenses stay in tact although that might not be the case for two other cards like swapping between an ATI and something else.

Wed Mar 03, 2010 7:50 pm
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Dito here. Changing videocards works but changing my dvd-burner made the license fly.

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Thu Mar 04, 2010 2:11 pm
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this is gud one....thanks

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