need help with 2d to 3d

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need help with 2d to 3d

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Hi...Just joined here a couple days ago. I have an iZ3D monitor and have been trying to get 2d to 3d to work for watching DVD's. Have been able to get 3dfier with Stereoscopic player to work somewhat. Is there a download for a free version of Stereoscopic player anywhere or is there another player I could use? Has anyone had any luck in using the iZ3D driver for this? If you have , can you give me some pointers. I'm an older fella and not real computer smart so I need your help. Thanks Bill

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Re: need help with 2d to 3d

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The Stereoscopic Player is the best video player there is right now for 3D (aside from the fact that it doesn't yet support 3D Blu-Ray). You have to pay for it, but its reasonably priced. The other applications that support 2D->3D are the PowerDVD 10, Total Media Theater 3, and the TriDef 3D Experience, however none of those support the iz3D monitor. To be honest the 2D->3D never looks that great anyway so you are not missing out on too much.

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