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Oculus Quest + Others, Best Buy Canada, 01/03/20

Oculus Quest Readily Available Here

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Had to update this article AS IT WAS WRITTEN!  It’s kind of funny…

[caption id="attachment_17508" align="alignnone" width="400"]Oculus Quest + Others, Best Buy Canada, 01/03/20Oculus Quest + Others, Best Buy Canada, 01/03/20[/caption]

MTBS has always been supportive of virtual reality and immersive technology; it goes to our roots.  For several weeks, there has been continuous reporting that the Oculus Quest has been sold out until February.  ONLY NOW I am able to confirm these reports outside of the USA.

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CES 2020 Logo

MTBS is Heading to CES!

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CES 2020 Logo
It’s hard to believe it, but MTBS has been covering CES since 2008!  This year, in addition to chasing down immersive technology, we’re going to spend a lot of attention on future computing, new client-to-cloud devices, graphics, and much more.  CES is always full of surprises, and 2020 will be a stellar year!

Beamr Talks Video Compression at IFC Summit

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Real-time applications like cloud gaming can require a whole lot of bandwidth, and the needs are increasing as the technologies progress.  Eli Lubitch is the President of Beamr, and he talked about these ever increasing demands and how video compression technologies are so important to cloud based services like cloud gaming.  To contribute to the solution, Eli showcased approaches that increase video encoding software performance by a factor of two and also reduces the bitrate of all cloud gaming and immersive entertainment streams by as much as 50%.  Very interesting!

Khronos Adds Standards to the Client-to-Cloud Discussion

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Always a pleasure to hear Neil Trevett, President of the Khronos Group and Vice-President of Developer Ecosystems for Nvidia!

The Client-to-Cloud Revolution is TIFCA’s effort to create a write-once reach-many device ecosystem along with a hybrid of client and cloud computing and all the infrastructure in-between.  At The International Future Computing Summit, Neil talked about the Client-to-Cloud Revolution and a number of standards that can contribute to the effort.

See what you think!

Ray Tracing Without the Beefy Computer!

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Ray tracing is all the rage because it adds a great deal of lighting realism to computer graphics.  Unfortunately, it comes at a very high processing cost which is only now becoming available to the consumer markets on the beefiest of machines.  What if there was another way to do it?  What if you could get all the ray tracing benefits without the processing requirements?  Check out this International Future Computing Summit presentation and ray tracing demo by Dr. Reuven Bakalash, CEO of Adshir.

Ericsson Research Discusses 5G at IFC Summit

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MTBS has been covering future computing and the developing Client-to-Cloud Revolution, and this effort relies heavily on high bandwidth technologies.  The International Future Computing Summit took place last month, and it gathered many of the ecosystem leaders to discuss what’s next and why.  Among them was Dr. Ali Khayrallah, Director of Engineering at Ericsson Research. His presentation discussed the progress and key features of 5G, and what markets can expect in the not too distant future.  Very interesting!

Foundry Shares Their Client-to-Cloud Story at IFC Summit

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Athera was a trial cloud service platform by Foundry that made it possible for content creators of all sizes to get access to the production and rendering abilities often limited to big production houses.  Content creation was an important topic at the International Future Computing Summit and Foundry is a recognized leader in this regard.  Mathieu Mazerolle, Product Manager for Cloud at Foundry, shared what they learned and what the industry can learn from their Client-to-Cloud experience.  Very interesting!

IFC Summit Games Panel is ONLINE!

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What better way to usher in American Thanksgiving than a warm and fuzzy Games Panel from the International Future Computing Summit?!?

Roll call!

  • Bill Rehbock, Content Partnerships at Blade Group / Shadow
  • Jen Maclean, Head of Worldwide Business Development, Small & Mid-sized Studios, Game Tech at Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Nick Thomas, Vice-President Commercial Partnerships at Hatch Entertainment
  • Kevin Robertson, Head of Business Development at AccelByte.

Some points of discussion included different mindsets of how cloud gaming could and should work, the perception of the industry (is there an industry?) in cloud gaming, what this all means for game developers, and much more.