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Neil’s Messy Basement 36: Exemplifying How Entertainment is Way Too Fragmented For Consumers

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In an earlier episode, Neil talked about doing a series of programs about being able to achieve more with the equipment we already own.  However, as Neil moved ahead with the process, more and more discoveries were made along the way that really expanded his thinking.  In reboot fashion, he’s going to treat THIS as the first episode in the series, and will use this time to explain the challenges that consumers are facing today with their modern entertainment experiences.

With TV cable, movie theaters, streaming services, and Blu-ray as backdrop examples, Neil demonstrates several hurdles that consumers face today when it comes to getting their premium services to work, and how the next few episodes of Neil’s Messy Basement will help overcome them – inexpensively!

By the time Neil is complete, it’s hoped that consumers will be able to conveniently enjoy the latest stuff; often on equipment they already own!

Sample topics covered include Dolby Atmos, DTS-X, 4K displays, Blu-ray, HDR, movie theaters, compatibility, and more!

Do you agree with Neil’s stance on modern entertainment? Share your thoughts below!

Neil’s Messy Basement 35: Polystream Discusses Next Era of Computing

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With a journey called the Client-to-Cloud Revolution, we’re heading towards a world where our compute devices are enhanced beyond their abilities with cloud technologies.  MTBS is really happy to welcome Jarl Ostensen, Director of Engineering for Polystream to our basement! We talked about the next generation of computing, ways that our compute devices will be enabled in the future, how Polystream’s technologies work, and their latest projects.  See what you think!

Neil’s Messy Basement 34: EVGA Nu Audio Pro 7.1 Sound Card Review and User Guide

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Neil gives an in-depth review of EVGA’s Nu Audio Pro 7.1 sound card and shares recommendations that will maximize enjoyment of the audio experience. Setups tested include headphones, a TOSLINK-connected 5.1 receiver, and direct-connect 5.1 surround sound speakers. This is part of a whole series of programs MTBS is doing on ways to enhance our entertainment experiences beyond technologies like virtual and augmented reality. Disney Plus (Disney+) fans will want to watch the last segment of the program as next week’s episode is going to be something else!

Neil’s Messy Basement 33: How to Get Sound Blaster to Work With HDMI 5.1, VR Headsets, and MORE!

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Creative Labs AE-5 is easily one of the market’s go-to sound cards for superior video game audio. Unfortunately, it’s not designed to be connected to HDMI audio solutions like 5.1 surround sound speakers or virtual reality head mounted displays or even Bluetooth headphones. A missed opportunity!

In this special episode of Neil’s Messy Basement (been awhile!), Neil shares his discovery of how to use a Sound Blaster sound card with audio solutions run through HDMI, DisplayPort, and more. HDMI surround sound systems, PC virtual reality headsets like the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, Bluetooth headphones, and more all apply. This will probably also work with PC-linked wireless VR headsets too (e.g. HTC Vive on PC linked through 5K wireless). Instructions are also included for easy in-app volume control.

It’s possible that this technique will work with other discrete sound card options too; feel free to experiment!

Since this episode of Neil’s Messy Basement, a full text guide was published and MTBS worked with the Volume2 author to make it even more seamless – especially for VR gamers!

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