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Category: Vireio Perception 2.0
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Vireio Perception 2.1.6 + VR Boost Version:2.1.6

(1 vote)


1) Improved Memory Scanner - Now uses multithread approach for quicker scanning.
2) Games will not start in Vr mode if the Vireio Perception Dialog is not open. Easier for playing normally without having to uninstall Symlinks / DLLs
3) Comfort Mode Added - As originally sugested by Cloudhead Games
4) Saints Row 2 Support
5) Saints Row 3 Support
6) Homefront Support
7) Deus Ex: Human Revolution Support
8) Deus Ex: Human Revolution Directors Cut Support - Please note if you have a choice we strongly recommend using the above version NOT the Directors Cut. The original is far better from a VR support standpoint.
9) Improved scanner compatibility in a few existing games (Outlast / Crysis / Far Cry 3 / etc)
10) Ability to Supress Vireio Hotkeys
11) PDF of Hotkeys reinstated to VP folder
12) VR Mouse - New implementation and look (Double Click NUMPAD 0 to toggle)
13) New Disconnected Screen View Implementation - Previous version had issue with cropping. New one should look better and fuller.
14) Sped up the Menu system - Should be now much more responsive

Vireio Perception Manual

We have added some more videos showing the latest games and features:

Basic In-game settings and usage (Borderlands)

Running the VR Boost Scanner (Borderlands)

Demo Video: Saints Row The Third

Using the VR Mouse (Saints Row The Third)

VR Comfort Mode (Homefront)

Please do let us know any suggestions for games you would like added. There are certainly some exciting developments on the horizon. We hope to be able to share these with you very soon.

04-20-2015 16:45:07
2.87 MB
Vireio Perception 2.1.4 + VR Boost Version:2.1.4

(1 vote)


Vireio Perception 2.1.4

Smaller quicker release as we wanted to get some cool games and features into your hands. In this release:

  • Outlast Full Support for 64 bit (VR Boost Profile created)
  • Far Cry Full Support
  • The Old City: Leviathan Full Support (really cool indie game - we highly recommend you try out). 
  • Duck and Cover functionality as suggested by ( - Positional based system that emulates crouch button presses dependant on the player height. Works with crouch, prone and jump settings. Recommended for players that like to stand up. See the Vireio Perception manual for full details. 
  • Tweaks / Fixes to existing scanners

Work is continuing and we are hoping to put together some videos showing how to get the best from VP. We have seen good work from our users. Here is a great channel from Immersive Gamer 83 ( with lots of videos of the latest titles running in VP / Rift. If you have a channel showing VP working please let us know and we would be happy to promote it. 

We would also like to thank all those who generously donated to the project. All of us are humbled by your support and gives us the freedom to look at suggested games quicker and strive towards making the best injection driver possible. If you would like more details on how to donate to the project please read the section in the intruction manual. 

We are working towards version 2.2.0 at the moment and hoping to bring some more cool features. One area we would really like to crack is creating a smooth VR experience for those that cannot reach the sometimes demanding 75fps in some games (looking at you Skyrim). We have had some very positive tests and looking to polish for the release. Game wise, we keep a list of suggestions we have had in the instruction manual so please continue to let us know of games you think would work well in VR. Homefront is next on my list and already looking good.

Vireio Perception Instruction Manual (

03-12-2015 15:55:17
2.17 MB
Vireio Perception 2.13 + VR Boost

(1 vote)


Changes List since Last relase:

  • Crysis (Full Support)
  • Crysis Warhead - (Full Support)
  • Dead Island (Shaders Still a work in progress)
  • Outlast (work in progress)
  • GTA IV - (Work in progress, NO VR BOOST)
  • Betrayer - (Full Support)
  • Overlord (Supported, No VR Boost Required)
  • Homefront (WIP - not ready yet)
  • Far Cry 3 (Full Support)
  • Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon: Hoping to get VR Boost done by Friday
  • Bulletstorm (Full Support - Excellent)
  • Fixes to Bioshock
  • Fixes to Left4Dead

Other Fixes / Improvements

  • Shader Analyzer (Multiple Improvements - Performance / No Jumping on the List)
  • In game debugging (Render states / Brassa Render time / Headtracking time)
  • Improved depth perception mode and added toggle if on wrong side (Shift + O / Alt + O)
  • New method of specifying Shaders (especially those without constant tables - allows for much larger game support moving forward - including Unity)
  • Improved Black Smear Fix (Shift + B - off by default)
  • Ability to not draw shaders at all
  • Improvements to TVoEC shader file
  • Added FPS Counter to VP Dialog - useful to measure without drawing to screen (which can reduce FPS).
  • Added enhancements to profile system to differentiate between similar games
  • Added shader modification rule so that distant shaders do not respond to positional (can be used to fix skyboxes etc)
  • VR Boost (Show Axis Addresses - Shift + V) - Hugely useful for support

NOTE: AMD GPUs are problematic with some games and may need to be handled differently.  If the game doesn't run well on AMD, try on Nvidia and post in the Vireio Perception forums to let us know.

02-28-2015 03:10:22
1.11 MB
Virieo Perception 2.1.2 + VR Boost Version:2.1.2

(0 votes)


Vireio Perception 2.1.2

  • Fix for stability, game will no longer crash if user alt + tabs out of window or accidently clicks wrong side. Also in-game graphical changes (such as resolution can also be changed whilst injected).
  • Allow secondary monitor to run at 75fps when primary is at 60 (see manual for details on how to set up)
  • Black Smear Correction for DK2 (SHIFT+B - Off by default)
  • Unlocked (free) pitch toggle (Shift + X)
  • Alternative roll implementation available (Change through Overall Settings - for use with games that dont have VR Boost roll but have roll artifacts)
  • Bioshock 2 HUD improvements
  • Dishonored VRBoost Scanner profile
  • Bioshock VRBoost scanner profile
  • Skyrim VRBoost profile (should help more users who have mods be able to use VR Boost)
  • Scanning assist / Scan Candidate selection - Improves scanner support for more awkward games (TVoEC, ASAMU)
  • A Story About My Uncle support
  • Batman AC support
  • Fixed Portal scanner profile after a recent update
  • Stanley Parable shadows now look good
  • Changed hot-key for HMD stats to SHIFT+H
  • Fixed flickering in QUBE
  • Alice: Madness Returns Support
  • Extremely Experimental 2D toggle mode for extra Performance (Shift + L) will be changed in the future to proper 2D + depth implementation

01-06-2015 13:25:32
1.09 MB
Vireio Perception Version:2.1.1

(0 votes)


  • 64 bit support
  • Symlink Installer (system for ensuring injection occurs - no more reliance on manual DLL copying) 
  • General VR Boost Scanner / Vireio Perception Improviements / Bug Fixes
  • Added support for Chivalry Medieval Warfare (32bit / 64bit +VRBoost Scanner)
  • Added Official support for Mirrors Edge (+VRBoost Scanner)
  • Added Official support for Portal (+VRBoost Scanner)
  • Added Official Support for QUBE / QUBE Directors Cut (+VRBoost Scanner)
  • Added Official Support for Rainbow Six Vegas (No VR Boost)
  • Added Official Support for The Vanishing of Ethan Carter (32bit / 64bit +VRBoost Scanner)
  • Added Official support for Zeno Clash (+VRBoost Scanner)
  • Added further testing / notes for other titles (Stanley Parable / Fallout 3 / Fallout 3 NV)

12-03-2014 13:02:59
1.05 MB
Vireio Perception Version:2.1.0 RC1

(0 votes)


New Features Include:

  • Automatic scanner for adding VR Boost compatibility to new games.  Works with certain game engines at this time.
  • New games with VR Boost support include Portal 2, Bioshock 2, AntiChamber, Stanley Parable.
  • General bug and memory leak fixes.
  • Updated manual and official game support list included.
  • Tested on Oculus Rift DK2 with positional tracking.

11-17-2014 11:47:15
642.11 KB
Vireio Perception Version:2.03

(1 vote)


This is the latest version of the Vireio Perception VR drivers.  In addition to adding a few more games to the list, we've also introduced some experimental new features.

The documentation included with the file is out of date, though.  Please use the release notes as your instructional guide until the documents are properly updated.

It's no longer necessary to register before downloading the drivers.  We have created a brand new Vireio Perception microsite that is accessible at  You may have to hit the HOME button to get to the main page (at the time of this writing, an update is still required).

07-04-2014 13:59:47
8.38 MB
Vireio Perception + VRBoost + Vireio Profiler Version:

(10 votes)


Vireio Perception has the following NEW features!

  • Freeware profiler add-on for creating, saving, and editing game profiles.
  • NEW VRBoost features including multiple game FOV adjustments.
  • Better game compatibility (games look better), and new titles added.
  • Several crash fixes and improved BRASSA stability during game analysis.

Documentation and version history included with file.

Remember to post feedback, share experiences, and help fellow users in the OFFICIAL Vireio Perception forums.  Remember to also share experiences and document game compatibility in GameGradeVR.

12-24-2013 04:00:59
8.34 MB
Vireio Perception + VRBoost Version:

(6 votes)


This is Vireio Perception with the VRBoost add-on. Please remember that even though they are in the same build, the two software portions have different license types, though the whole package is free to download and use.

Please read the documentation carefully and have fun!

Remember to submit your quality assurance results in GameGradeVR!

12-11-2013 17:16:51
7.85 MB
Vireio Perception + VRBoost Version:2.0

(15 votes)


This is Vireio Perception 2.0 with the VRBoost add-on.  Please remember that even though they are in the same build, the two software portions have different license types, though the whole package is free to download and use.

Please read the documentation carefully and have fun!

11-27-2013 22:03:16
7.91 MB