MTBS3D .@CreativeLabs is back in the game with a new Sound Blaster X-Fi series. Check out our interview with them from…
MTBS3D .@eSightEyewear makes glasses that allow people who are legally blind and visually impaired to see. Check out our…
MTBS3D Neil interviewed @dorskuler, CEO of @intuitionrobo about #ElliQ, the companion robot for senior citizens at @CES.…
MTBS3D Interview from @CES with Nick Cherukuri President of @ThirdEyeGen about their new #AugmentedReality smart glasses.…
MTBS3D QD Laser lets the blind see at @CES. #CES2018
MTBS3D Neil and Kris had a great time at @CES last week.Their coverage begins with @MirraViz. #CES2018
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MTBS3D RT @Robertsmania: Hands on with the Pimax 8k and 5k #VR headsets. Much higher resolution and 200 degree FOV @pimaxofficial @mtbs3d #ces18
MTBS3D RT @Robertsmania: Voxel virtual experience with projectors and body tracking @Scale1Portal @mybs3d #ces18
MTBS3D RT @Robertsmania: Pico Neoself contained 6DOF headset @Mtbs3d #ces18
MTBS3D RT @Robertsmania: Amazing mixed, augmented, virtual and immersive reality tech from Lenovo. Different sees it better! @lenovo @mtbs3d #ces
MTBS3D RT @Robertsmania: 3D VR 360 cameras with Vuze by Human Eyes @mtbs3d #ces18
MTBS3D RT @Robertsmania: Move beyond! Foot based controller for #VR with 3dRudder. Discover the power of your feet! @3dRudder @mtbs3d #ces18 https…
MTBS3D RT @Robertsmania: Glasses free, hands free augmented reality with a stand alone projector/sensor from HoloLamp @HoloLamp @mtbs3d #ces18 ht…
MTBS3D RT @Robertsmania: Stand alone 360 8K camera with direct integration for #VR - See beyond your vision @mtbs3d #ces18
MTBS3D RT @Robertsmania: Awesome Snapdragon 845 based stand alone #VR with @Qualcomm @mtbs3d #ces18

Creative Labs is Heard Again at CES 2018

New Sound Blaster X-Fi at CES 2018Several years ago, gamers had a choice between having really sucky audio from their computer motherboard or crisp enriching experiences from a dedicated sound card.  While Creative Labs was the go to brand for sound cards for many years, they inexplicably stopped making them.  Creative Labs is back in the game with a new Sound Blaster X-Fi series, and this is something we are very excited about.  Check out the interview and see what you think!
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eSight Opens Some Eyes at CES 2018

eSight Glasses at CES 2018One of the big trends at CES 2018 were glasses that make it possible for the legally blind to see again.  Today we have our interview with eSight.  Check it out and see what you think!
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Qualcomm Talks VR at CES 2018

Mobile HTC Vive Focus at Qualcomm CES 2018 ExhibitQualcomm is at the heart of most of the leading brands that are making high-end mobile virtual reality devices.  Jeff Roorda, Senior Staff Software Engineer at Qualcomm Technologies, gives an inside look at what they do in the virtual reality ecosystem and some products we have to look forward to.  Check out the interview and see what you think!
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